Movie Review-The Toxic Avenger (Japanese Cut)


If two things were forever destined to stay together it is Troma Pictures and The Toxic Avenger. When people think of anything Troma, what is the first thing that comes to mind and vice versa when anyone thinks of The Toxic Avenger, what comes to mind? I remember as a young kid reading Video Vault magazine, ( or something like that) and it had this article on a disgusting, revolting new face of indie cinema film that is going to make people talk, and I knew that minute I had to see this film. If you are not familiar with what The Toxic Avenger is, or who I should say let me help you out a little. This is an odd mix of superhero and just all out violence and gore, as Melvin is a nerdy skinny mop boy who is constantly bullied and picked on, and one day it goes too far and he falls into a vat of toxic waste. Out of the ashes comes a superhero that is out to defend Tromaville and get the baddies who did this to him back.

I am just shocked that Troma did not give this any Blu Ray love. If you are familiar with this franchise, you know that the first one is the one to see. This has it all from tearing off limbs, to politically incorrect humor, to any kind of violent act they can get away with. Out of the 37 films Lloyd Kaufman has directed this is easily the number one film. While number two may be under debate, number one is a clear choice. The later sequels seem to lack the passion and fun of the original, and introduce us to the blind sexually active Claire who Toxie loves. Now that being said, I was a fan of part IV Citizen Toxie and would recommend people to see that, and maybe watch II and III, I watched them and did not mind them but do not expect what the original delivers.

9 out of 10