Movie Review-Tales of the Night


The Stories or Tales of the Night…

1) The Werewolf
2) Ti Jean and the Belle-Sans-Connaitre
3) The Chosen One And The City Of Gold
4) Boy Tam-Tam
5) The Boy Who Never Lied
6) The Doe-Girl And The Architect’s Son

I am never quite sure who Michel Ocelot is aiming for with his writing, at times his animation and directing. His films seem suited for one audience but actually made for another, and no clearer example exists of that last phrase than this film Tales of the Night. While I can respect the man and what he brings to film, I find this film very hard to present to an American child audience. While today’s kids are spoiled on Pixar and all the new concepts in animation, I am still a fan of the old school approach and films like this are clearly inspired more by yesteryear than today. Ocelot one thing is for sure his way of storytelling always seems to gel, or bring together fantasy mixed with history where you he creates an escape but yet injects a little realism in it as well.

The film is basically 6 short stories each one with shadow figures who go with the drama and tone of the story. The stories have messages and do entertain for the most part, but I just think this would be lost on a child, and maybe more suited for teens or adults. The six tales are basically three narrators who are dreaming up stories they wish to tell you. As they talk about a new plot, this becomes an introduction to them starring in it.

At a little under 85 minutes, this film was more fun than I expected it to be. I thought the storytelling was very compelling and kept me glued to the screen, and while I think kids may hate the French in the film, the film does have an English dub that was pretty decent, and not as bad as one would have expected. Again, I am just not sure why this film is being marketed towards young kids, I do not see them being the target audience of a film like this. This film is basic, what you see is what you get. And, at the end of the day sometimes simple is the best way to do a film like this. The message is not heavy, nor does this film preach to you, it just asks you to sit back and relax.

At times the style was better than the substance, but it was fun enough to recommend for people who just want a mature cartoon that has youth inspired themes but is maybe suited for an older audience.

7 out of 10