Movie Review-Taken 2


Bryan Mills is back, the ex CIA operative that saved his daughter in the original film. This time, Bryan is trying to maybe rekindle his ex-marriage and get closer with his daughter, so they take a trip to Istanbul. I mean nothing speaks bonding like going there, esp. trying to connect with your ex-wife and distant daughter. So, as you can guess the father of the main baddie from part one that Bryan killed is out for revenge, and he abducts Bryan and his ex-wife and now it is up to daughter Kim to rescue them. I thought the first Taken was clever and fun, this one is anything but. I am a huge fan of Liam Neeson and this film he felt so wasted, I mean I do not mind dumb violent movies, but this film really was so paint by the numbers that you can see a scene coming a mile away. How many bullets do they have to shoot till they hit Liam? This man dodges bullets, and can fight off 4 people at a time with weapons. I mean I do not mind suspending my disbelief, but this film is basically asking me to dumb myself down so much that I cannot even try to put any thought into the film at all.

Ok, Maggie Grace plays daughter Kim, yet again. Maggie Grace is 30 years old and she is still in school trying to get her driver’s license? Is she aging backwards? There is a chase scene later in the film that involves Kim with her dad, and it was like Liam was narrating a bad video game. It was horrible and when did Turkish borders look like American parking lots? And you are telling me that you can shoot guns and use grenades up and down Istanbul and no one notices or employs Special Forces or Police? There was so much about this film that seemed to be inspired by a very bad Atari 2600 video game, like when the good guys do something wrong like rip off a cabbie for a free ride and run about 7 feet, all of a sudden everything is fine and no one is chasing them anymore, the same happens when they steal clothes. You are telling me Kim can find an outfit and shoes to fit her in someone else’s locker in the first shot with no knowledge of who uses the lockers?

Why I am trying to make sense of this film is beyond me. I learned watching this film that in the US Embassy in Istanbul there is a US Army barricade and they are shooting at anything that approaches. To add to this scene you got Kim and dad driving full speed ahead towards this barricade with no one following them or chasing them, Liam tells her not to stop, and she says but there are soldiers, and Liam says oh they will move. So you are telling me, that no one thought about stopping and just telling someone what is going down when you basically are now in the place you knew safety was at. So you are telling me also to add to the insanity of this whole scenario that a person who cannot pass a driver test and has issues driving can just go in a foreign land and drive like she is in a James Bond movie? I am laughing thinking about the abduction scene, so you got his ex-wife with a gun pointed at her head, and you got all these guys in the yard with guns pointed at him all ready to kill and Liam has time to get on the phone and talk to his daughter and explain to her in details what is going and in great length? Why not just ask them for a battery charger as well? When they are captured, he has a cell phone hidden on him and calls his daughter yet again to have another conversation in detail and just as long and the guy outside the holding cell does not hear him talking?

There is a torture scene, well the whole film felt like a torture scene, but there is this scene with the ex-wife being cut to bleed to death, and in the next scene she is no longer bleeding, and there is no bandage or anything to stop the bleeding but it stops itself, and as the film goes on the cut disappears. You can just tell that no one involved in this film had their hearts in it, this has to be one of the biggest letdowns in a while, but then again this is from the guy who gave us Transporter 3, I had to know what to expect. Liam the goal is not quantity, it is quality. Maybe instead of making 4 bad films, you should try to make just one good one.

3 out of 10