Movie Review-Side by Side


Talk about a documentary that I was so stoked to watch, and then when it ended I was so stoked to re-watch it. My whole life is about passion, my passion of things like magazines, that when I was in college I sent resumes to every existing horror or music magazine to let me intern. Like music, that I did college radio for two years, and worked in every music store that would hire me. That I been collecting cds since 1988, and still buy cds. And then there is film. The movies and I have always had a personal love story. Since I was a child and watched movies and could tell you any actors in any film. That most of my adult life I managed movie theaters. I still am at times still in love with the movie going experience, but I will admit I miss the days of the old curtains and hard backed seats, or to hear splice tape go thru the projection. One of the first things you learn in movie theater management is how the projection room works. Even before you learn money or concession, because that is the epicenter of the theater, if the movie does not work, you have nothing else. In the old days up to a few years ago, movies would arrive on a truck in canisters that are marked. You take the canisters to the upstairs booth and you open the canisters and take out around 7 to 8 reels of film that have to be assembled or spliced together to make a full film. Then, you add the commercials, and trailers that the studio sent you to add to the print. Wait, after all this work you are still not done. Now, you have to view the finished product and see if there are any errors and if it plays without trouble.

Today’s movie going experience is a little difference with the addition of digital technology. The films no longer need to be assembled; they are now programmed thru a computer with a feed to the theater screen. While, most theaters love this cause while the technology only cost most less than 100k per screen, the long term effect would be now they can have more 3D and live shows like an opera that they can charge more than a standard ticket price. Whereas in the past theaters made 11 cents a ticket off a new release film, now they are making the 11 cents plus the cost of 3D glasses and if it a special event that they charge upwards from 17.00 to 30.00, they make all of that as a profit. Also the other thing it eliminates manpower and you can have less staff working. A manager can operate the computer feed, while they are doing other things. The negative to this technology is that you could hook up a 2nd computer to the feed and download all the films into a separate hard drive and make your own copies. While companies will tell you they will prosecute anyone who does that, there is no way to know if it is happening.

Now with that being said, Keanu Reeves interviews a lot of names of today film directing, editing and producing and seeing how they love the new age of film. They cover all topics from digital filmmaking and its positives and negatives to where film is heading. They are dismissing celluloid film projection as a thing of the past, and all the positives to the digital age. Keanu does a great job and really asks the hard questions, though he goes thru 8 different hairstyles, and 12 different facial profiles. This must have been shot over the period of years. To me, this is such a sad topic that I wish they would have worked more on what impact this will have on theaters, not so much directors. This technology is nothing more than bullying mom and pop theaters to cave in to corporate chains and spend money that they clearly do not have. It is almost in a Wal Mart wave of thinking. I think theater chains will benefit more from this, most of them can get the technology and use it as a tax write off and get their money back, and then make more off of it.

This really sours me on the movie going experience, I hate 3D, I loved it when I was 12 and we snuck in to see Friday the 13th 3D, today I am not a fan. I know a certain Iceland fisherman jackoff who is the district manager for a certain movie theater chain that loves technology like this, it gives him a bigger commission check cause he gets to lay off staff that make no money and work there as a means to get by and the profits go higher and higher. Today’s movie theater you have staff who make minimum wage and never get a raise and now managers in the last year or so, had to take pay cuts to almost minimum wage as well. They have to serve that computer, so you are trying to tell me that this technology is so great. If that is truly the case, then why not get the technology to act in films, so that way we do not have to pay actors upwards 25 million or more and can take that money and give it back to the people and pay decent work wages and get more jobs going, are you guys and gals fucking human beings? George Lucas just made 4 billion dollars off a franchise that we made for him, and what does he do he ushers in this digital age that sticks it to us more. I love these us made talents that forget us, when they go to the bank but remembered us when they needed that break and begged us to support them. I think I forgot this is a film review.

In closing, thank god the money I put into The Matrix got to pay for Laurence Wachowski to cut off his penis and buy a vagina. I was so worried that money was going to be wasted or given to charity to help those Matrix fans who supported them who are out of work, homeless and just need some light. But, I understand people need to keep 100 million in the bank under tight thumb, you never know when fans will be smart to be your bullshit and stop supporting you. My point is this, we made all of these people who they are, and they say they are self-made, and act like we had no help in their careers. Seriously, who fucking went to see Batman Nolan, you and your family for 400 million times plus, you dumb ass. Who gave you the fame that got you 4 billion Lucas? Why not instead of taking our money Hollywood, and yes our money and sticking it to us more and more in these tough times while you are out doing coke and getting blow jobs in Spago’s and remember who made who. You have the money for drugs, sex changes, and billions to blow but you look around at those who made you and they are suffering and you can just turn a blind eye to it? My fucking life was film, this is all I knew and know, and there are no more theater jobs, because of bullshit technology like this. My passion and the people I made stars and names are content with watching me and you kill ourselves over depression over being unemployed and broken while they laugh all the way to the bank and they are self-made and never asked anyone for anything in their life. Why is it the small poor towns who riot and hurt each other, we should take this fight to the real enemies and go to upper California and Beverly Hills, and bring our oppression, our plights right to their front lawn.

9 out of 10