Movie Review-Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden


Life is about timing. Before I review the film, I would like to say President Obama is a president whose two terms so far can be all down to that word timing. He seems to know the right thing to say at a time when the country is in doubt or strongly against him. Now that being said, what timing does he have to tell the nation that Osama Bin Laden has been killed? The reason I put a question mark on that, because again I said what timing he has to make this announcement. We all knew when this news broke at the height of words like impeach and reelection were in the air, you just knew the second the words came out of his mouth that there would be films made, whether the words the man said are true or false, I am not to say the man is honest or a liar, I just know from what his two terms have showed me so far that every promise he made us has been a lie, so who am I to question him on national television in fear that he will be impeached to say that Bin Laden is dead. This film as you can guess is mixed with reality and acting, it has the Obama speech and him talking, but other than that this is maybe a low budget made for television movie.

I am a sucker for films on historic events, and I think this is a story that is too soon to tell. Just like 9/11, and the economy, these are topics that right now I feel Americans are so torn about, that they are too invested and still wondering what is happening, and I do not think a work of fiction is what they are looking for right now, and that even means the bigger budget films as well. I just feel there is not enough evidence to say this really happened, and this film makes me believe that there is truly not evidence yet. Hey I have the winning lottery ticket, well I do not have it on me, but why would I lie to you I am trustworthy and for America.

The acting in this film is bad, almost to the point that you wish this was a silent film. The script had to be written on the fly, and the tactics that they used in this film looked like a drugged induced version of Call of Duty on a Atari 2600. This film played out like a bad horror film, if these were the guys who truly killed or had anything to do with killing Bin Laden, he would have heard them from 2 miles away and could have outsmarted them. The footage in this film with the soldiers is obviously fake and can no way be accurate, I have relatives in the armed forces and serving in the military, I know no one can be this ridiculous, the United States military prides itself on the way they conduct themselves, this film makes them look like jokes and the ones who may have been involved in this would see this film as an insult more than a compliment. This film is from the mind who gave us Turistas and Blue Crush, which explains a lot.

This film has awful CGI and tried to use realistic scenarios to try and build a suspense that just ultimately failed with me. I think maybe older people like in their 60’s and 70’s may find this entertaining, as they find all those made for television films fun like my mother. For people like me, it is just a topic that feels like we need maybe more proof about before getting in on this, and I am not too crazy about the bigger budget films either. What next a documentary about how Bush was so dead set on truly rushing to give aid and help to the victims in New Orleans during Katrina? Or how BP was sympathetic to the victims of the oil disaster? I think films like this help Obama sleep better at night, but I just am not a fan of the message and what could be the truth.

1 out of 10