Movie Review-Prince of the City


This is the first film from Malaysia I have ever witnessed that everyone spoke perfectly good English. Welcome to Prince in the City and before you think this is a remake of the 1981 classic by Sidney Lumet with Treat Williams, or even a retelling I will tell you, that the two films beside name have nothing else in common. This film centers around two brothers, one who is adopted and one who feels like he is left out in the cold, and their billionaire father who dies and leaves the family business to his adopted son over his blood. I will be honest, this film has a lot of haters, and I think some of the hate may be warranted. Prince Amara who is the adopted son played by Julian Cheah is horrible. The man has no acting range for this part and at times comes across so boring in his dialogue; you just want to roll your eyes and just fast forward the film to when he stops. Now, that being said this film is so cheesy and bad, that I actually started to warm up to it as the film went on.

By no means am I calling this any sort of classic but it so bad, that it actually became fun. You have Michael Madsen who does his absolute worst overacting and just cheese dialogue that I found myself having fun just with how bad he was. The film felt like some kind of throwback, retro 80’s film with the opening acting sequence that I thought was not so bad. There is a love interest in the film for Prince named Adele, and I will say right now that the romance scenes and dialogue between the two was so laugh out loud funny, that I could not stop laughing. The sad thing is this film barters so much on parody that it would have been better received as a comedy.

The film is bad, it knows it’s bad but it is one of those films that I feel years from now when all involved are major stars and directors that this film could be considered some bad film gem, that people feel they have to see it, just to see how bad it was. All negatives aside, and there are a ton of negatives, we watch films to be entertained, to forget about our lives to escape reality, no matter what mood you are in going into this film, you will not be in that mood when you exit the film. I think at times this film looks like it was shot on a IPhone, at times the sound was off, and at other times I wondered how all these people know English so well, and no one speaks in Malay? The film was fun in parts, tolerable in parts, but somehow or another, I think it is so bad, that it gets to be fun somewhat by the end.

6 out of 10