Movie Review-Overtime


Overtime is a film that wears so many different hats, it starts off as a film about two hitmen that work for an attorney, when she gets the most hardened criminals and scum bags on the streets, she hires these two guys to go and kill them. Raph and Max are the two hitmen, that have a ton of one liners and always down to get involved in anything violent. As the film gets going we learn that Raph is also a family man, while he is always worried about his wife leaving him because he can never get a off day at work, things get really worst when he forgets about his own son’s birthday. So, now we watch as Raph along with Max have to go out and get the birthday present, the cake and clown that his son wants for the party. Then, the next hat is horror and that is when they are off to finish a contract on a drug selling scum bag that so happens to be located in this big garage medical lab looking building. When they arrive there they get more than the bargained for with these zombie like aliens with parasites inside them.

This film was an absolute shocker for me, I saw the cover with Al Snow starring and knew low budget horror, and I was not expecting what this film delivered. Al Snow who a lot of people know is a former ECW, WWE, and current TNA talent agent really shines in this film. His sense of timing to the dark humor and the stupidity act of John Wells playing his partner, really worked. This film seemed to take a lot of chances, they give you a commercial during the film for a product that Raph’s son wants called a YBox 720 which you know is a take on the X Box. Snow and Wells had this chemistry through out that each word that came out of their mouths you just knew was either going to be darkly humorous or just so absurd that you would laugh. This could almost be a foul mouth version of Rush Hour mixed with Mystery Science Theater. The enemies in this film are half-alien, undead killers called Zaliens, who give you some ok gore moments here and there, but look really super cheesy, but in a very fun way. The horror element of this film was around the 30 minute mark and really was not a huge factor of the film, so if you are expecting an all out gore fest you may want to wait, but if you want a buddy comedy film that had horror elements, this film will put a smile on your face. This film has action sequences that while very indie, were very fun. Al Snow while I was never a fan of what he brought to anything thus far, really shined in this film, it was like he was acting against type. John Wells with his wit and absurd one liners, gave Al the perfect backboard to score his lines with in terms of comic timing and delivery. I would truly be down for more adventures with these guys, and I think this story could spark a franchise. Let’s hope we get some more, this was really a fun time that people would sit back and enjoy.

8 out of 10