Movie Review-Nature Calls


Where do I begin with this review? Comedy and horror seem to be the two hardest genres to really get right, why do I say this? Is because look at how many films come out each week that fail in both of them. And to think this is one of the last things the late Patrice O’ Neal did before he died, sad to ruin this man’s name by releasing this film. The film stars Patton Oswalt as Randy Stevens who is an Assistant Scoutmaster at a dwindling troop and is looking to get the troop back on top. This film also stars Johnny Knoxville, that is maybe all you need to know if this film is for you and if you should keep going with this review. This film runs around 75 minutes, and is just flat joke after flat joke, offensively bad jokes to irritating characters and script that are pathetic jokes.

Patton is one of those actors that when the script is good, the man can shine. But, he is not one of the actors you ask to help you when the script is bad, because he will be just as bad as it is. And why was Maura Tierney in this film? What do you guys have on her? She plays nothing more than some lost puppy that really brings nothing to the character and acts like she is being drugged to say her lines. I mean to be fair, I did not have high hopes for this film to begin with, but after it was over, it was worst, far worse than I could have imagined. This is one of those films you sit there and wonder who are they trying to appeal to? Is this a film for kids because of the Boy Scout theme? I hope not, because between the language, behavior and sexual stuff, no child under 17 should see this. Is this a film trying to appeal to a female audience? Unless women get a wetsie for Johnny or Patton, or maybe Patrice, I do not see anything in this film for a female. Is this a guy’s film? If it is geared towards men, this film is an insult to us and a very cruel joke.

To call this film a comedy is an insult to comedies, this film made no sense to me and it seemed like not one person involved in this film was aboard with the film once it started filming. There was not one scene or bit in this film that made me laugh, smile or smirk. The worst part of the film was to know I had to watch it all the way thru, so I could tell you guys I did. I get this film tried to be cutting edge with all the ideas it tried to incorporate, but there has to be someone who had to have said, “I do not think this is working, let’s rewrite this script and reshoot the scenes again”. This film is an example of lazy writing, lazy acting and disrespecting a late comedian’s memory by putting this out. I know I usually at this point, give it a rating from 0 to 10, but this film is not even worthy of a 0. Avoid this film like the plague.