Movie Review-Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical


(One of the people involved with the film, told me I did not see the full cut of the film on my initial review so they sent me the dvd version that is in stores to see if I still feel the same. While the plot of the film stays the same, the review is different.)
Plot-After being shot in the head, Mr. Bricks wakes up and realizes, his woman is gone. He is on the hunt for who shot him, and looking for his woman. And as you can tell by the title, it is a heavy metal musical that may involve murder.

Review-Before I start this review, I want to say I am not a hater, that my opinions are professional, once this review is on this site. I do not use the negatives to destroy any film or rub it in people’s faces, other critics or bloggers whatever they call themselves may, but I do not. I am given this film to try and help promote it; if I feel negative about it what help can I give it that is why I keep the negative to this review on this site. I know I could never write a film or direct a film, or for that matter create a cd or music, so that aspect of this I respect, because they are putting their dreams on the screen, I mean who wants to hear that their dream and creation is bad? So that being said, this is now the second time I watched this film. Looking at the title, people are going to go into this expecting Repo or Rocky Horror Picture Show.

You guys will be letdown. Where people will watch films like Father’s Day and Klown Kamp Massacre, and praise Troma, and see how they are taking their brand to new highs and going forward. Films like Mr. Bricks, feel like they are going backwards. This film was a little over 76 minutes long, and that to me felt too long. The concept of this film worn out its welcome after the first 5 minutes, and to think I was hoping it would have ended right then. The film just seemed like it needed the songs and the characters all screaming for lack of a plot and script. ” hey Mr. Bricks act like you are a death metal Henry Rollins”. The script of this film was so awful. And the songs were just as bad, if not worst. Let’s start with the positives. Nicola Fiore as Scarlet, the girlfriend he is looking for. When she sings her songs, I really liked her voice. I thought her songs were very well done. The running time was a positive, because if it was longer. I would have been very mad. Some of the songs Mr. Bricks sings were not too bad. If you like Black Flag mixed in with Biohazard circa 1992…you will get into the music. Now, the negatives to this poor student film which were aplenty. The CGI blood, while Summer of Massacre did the same, at least they made it fun. This was so fake and hokey, that it made the film suffer as well. Not one kill in this film had my attention, and the hole filled plot, fuck was there even a plot to this film well that did not help either. I have never seen a film that tried so hard to confuse the viewer as this film did. As the film drags on so painfully and boring, we learn that the girl he is looking for is a cop and he is an ex con who knows her late father. Which made no difference, because the characters all came across as so one note (get it, this film is a musical well that fucking joke was better than the fucking script) and so unappealing.

I applaud Troma and their risk taking but I damn them for the films they are distributing. And this film has to get some credit for at least attempting this idea, well not really but I had to say something nice. It just suffers from so many negatives, that the very few positives to this film, just did not feel so positive. I think this film idea can work, it just did not happen this time. Good concept, bad execution and worst results. While not a total waste, this film people will accuse me of being too kind to, once they witness it.

3 out of 10

  • Richard, I am with you sir.

  • richard

    it is a shame, if anybody else had produced this, it would have been a hit. the thing that bothered me the most about it was how lazy it felt. there was no effort put into any of the production from the script to the camera. just lackluster everything.

  • The sad part a film like this is made for fans like me and you. So, when fans like me and you hate this, really makes me think who they made this film for? If the music was not in the movie and they took out that 15 minutes, this film would have turned off within seconds. A 3.5 was very very charity to this film. I did like the songs.

  • richard

    i hated this movie too! thank you sir, for posting a most accurate review. i give it 2 out of 10 stars myself. someday someone will make a heavy metal musical that doesn’t suck. this movie is just annoyingly bad.