Movie Review-Monster


Chano Urueta before his death in 1979 is quite the legend in Mexican film history. His body of work has span for almost 3 decades, and he is one of the pioneers of this new wave of Mexican horror in the 50’s. One of the films that was always credited was this film called Monster. For me, I think my sights were set extremely high by this film just for the historical factor of it. Sadly to say by films end, my sights hit reality really hard. Well, the film is basically about a young female journalist who is named Nora, well she has a job interview for this exciting job and she finds out the person interviewing her is a brilliant scientist on the surface but is truly a deranged and odd madman like character. This tries to have the feel of old school horror films, but it just comes across so flat to me. In a way I would assume this is his Mexican version of a Frankenstein film. The film is not all a waste, it has a good look, I mean old school fans may get their hearts warmed by the nostalgic this film gives to the viewer. This film was shot in black and white and thank god, I think color could have hurt this film.

This film struggles so much with the bad script and terrible acting, it is like this film only wanted to create this film to compete with old school horror, but not compete with old school acting. Today’s horror bunch would not last ten minutes on this film before being totally bored, old school like me, may watch it all the way just for how bad it is, but the generation before me, may enjoy it a little bit than all of us combined.

3 out of 10