Movie Review-Mimesis


Coming home on February 12th

Before I start this review a few thanks are in order. To the fine people at Anchor Bay and Douglas himself who gave the site much love on the press release and the trailer for the film.

What would happen if you and your friend go to a horror convention, and after the con you meet some beautiful flirtatious woman and she invites you to a party, which leads you to think you are going to score. You get to the party which is way out in the middle of nowhere with your friend, and you both drink and hang out then you pass out. You wake up and realize that you and 6 others were drugged and kidnapped. All of you notice that your clothes are different and none of you have no idea where you are at. Now, before we go any further this sounds like the plot of a million horror films. Wait till you read what is next to this story; this may really get your interest. Soon enough you look around and you see zombies everywhere, and then you find out that you are living and re-enacting a group of thrill seekers favorite horror film Night of the Living Dead. The message and concept of this film is all about why watch a horror film when you can live thru one. This film really delivered something that was so odd, but yet fun and familiar at the same time. This was not a shot by shot retelling, so do not expect any “Barbara, they’re coming to get you” lines. This film is more of a nod then a rip-off. The zombies in this film resembled the villains from The Hills have Eyes, and the kills in this film were both brutal and very well shot. Romero would truly be proud of what this film pulls off, with the headlines these days this film may be more realistic then we want it to be.

Mimesis has so many positives that fans will dig a lot. You got Sid Haig playing a speaker at the horror convention who attacks the media for blaming horror movies for what happens in real life. You got a bunch of people trapped in the setting for the original Night of the Living Dead, while every tv in the house plays the movie to show them what could happen next and certain scenes you watched the tv and characters doing the same actions at the same time. This film did not come across as a regular horror film; it felt like a psychotic nightmare that we feel we are living with the characters. The script to this film was well written, and the actors did a great job with the material and made it theirs. This film starts off with a bang, you get blood and kills within the first minute, and then you go on a slow plot building, character building story of two friends who go out of their way to a party that you think you know how this film will go, but you will be very happy to learn that you are going to be wrong. This film takes a little inspiration and a lot of creativity and creates a concept that horror fans will scratch their heads like me, and say “where has this concept been, and when is it coming back”. This concept is so much like Final Destination, as something that I think sequels can keep it going and build a name for this film. This is the first film that I have watched in a while that I was thinking afterwards about what it could do for a follow up or more sequels.

This film is the definition of what an old school horror crowd would have fun with. Fans of Night of the Living Dead would really love what this film offers in terms of taking an original formula and just mixing it up with today’s thinking. A cult classic in the making, this film will make a lot of people really embrace the horror genre and how creative it is, when film directors, writers and stars really respect the fans and put some effort in trying to find new ways to entertain us. This is a must watch, and if you are at a festival playing it, get your friends and know that you are going to have a blast.

8 out of 10