Movie Review-Laughter


In 2011, I reviewed a film called The Infected. I made a few statements that Adam Dunning’s film felt like a true indie horror film; you had the positives to that statement on display, and also the negatives. Here we are almost 2 years later with the follow up, and while some things have changed with Adam’s style, some still stays the same. While most of us when you say “clown horror”, people frown, because let’s face it, the ratio from good to bad is pretty high. For every one clown horror, we love there are 45 that we absolutely hate. With Laughter, we get a clown horror film that has a twist to it. The film starts off 6 months earlier and the end of high school is upon us, and three guys come up with this juvenile prank to scare everyone at a party they are throwing. Joey decides to dress up like a clown and scare everyone during a camp fire story. So after the story is told, Joey comes out to scare the gang with the clown outfit, but Mike who is a jock with a history of bullying Joey was so scared that he does not know it is Joey and accidently kills him.

Well, everyone is shocked by what they just witnessed and Mike tells people that if they call the police, they will all go down and that he is not going to blow college for this mistake. So the gang decides to bury the body and never mention it again. The story now fast forwards a half year later and the search is still going on for Joey and it seems that the gang each one of them is being haunted by the memory of Joey, and soon that memory seems to be alive and wanting revenge.

Like The Infected, Laughter has good intentions and means well, and a lot of the film is recommended and real throwback to 80’s horror fun. One of my issues with this film though is the length of the film, it was too long. I felt that some of the dialogue felt out of place, and slowed down the film, that if this film was trimmed maybe 12 to 15 minutes, the flow would have been so much better. It seemed like you get a kill, and then dialogue, more dialogue and even more dialogue, and then some more dialogue, and then a kill.

The dialogue issues were not from character development, the dialogue was just useless conversation pieces that felt like they were put in to take up space. The selling point to this film is the clown horror, and that was awesome. If you ask me, “James does the horror element of this film deliver”. I would say yes. I mean it is low budget DIY horror; that being said this is a cut above the normal fare. There are little nods to the blogs who Dunning respects with a brief voice over scene with Scott Geiter who we know as Gruesome Hertzogg, that scene alone was a wink to all of us, and was very fun.

With Dunning I hate criticizing the negatives, because I know he has great intentions and the film if you guys are indie horror fans, would definitely have fun with this. This is like mixing I know what you did last summer with a clown. So if that sounds like your cup of tea, you will have fun with it for the most part. With a little more experience and films under his belt Dunning is going to be a serious threat, right now he is sowing the seeds of a future that is looking positive for us fans.

7 out of 10