Movie Review-Hemo


I always hate December with most film studios I really do. They will give us one solid dvd release in the month and so many other dvd releases that are bad, just plain bad. Hemo is Bob Freeville’s first film so I can cut him some slack, he tries to take the vampire genre and do something a little different with it. The film revolves around two central characters who are named Calvis and Felicia. This is a couple of lovers who happen to be vampires, and they live out a bloodsucking version of some kind of Bonnie and Clyde. There is a catch which you probably figured out, they are not robbing for money they are robbing blood banks. Which turns out oddly, they seem to get into an erotic high pouring blood on each other and licking it off while at times having intercourse. Things seem fine till Calvin and Felecia start taking human victims, now it starts to get complicated between the two. To describe this film best is a film that set its sites higher than it could ever think about reaching. The vampires in this film come across as drug users who stay and sleep in less than favorable places and conditions.

The main problem with Hemo does not start to show itself till the middle, I mean the first half of the film I thought was not too bad and the story was fun sort of and kept my attention, but when they start to kill people, it just gets so silly and stupid that it really ran out of steam and gas, and seemed to just stall and made me want to shut it off. Felecia seems to have talks throughout this film with a ghost like vampire who I guess is a cross between something out of Star Wars and any comedy voice, and it urges her to kill again, start killing again. Hemo has this DIY attitude and style that I admit I thought was admirable. This film at times tries to have this dirty and sleazy snuff film feeling, which I will be honest, works some of the time and the others it just felt useless. I will say this was better than any Twilight film my wife made me sit thru, but for material and a different take on vampires, Midnight Son is a million times better. All in all, maybe a rental.

5 out of 10