Movie Review-Double Adult Shot-Serena – An Adult Fair Tale and Same Time Every Year


When I get new stuff from Impulse, I usually expect the Nikkatsu stuff where you get the soft adult stuff with blurred out imagery of the act or their sexual parts. This time Impulse decided to bless you guys and gals with some old school 70’s porn. This film is graphic and just full on penetration; oral and anything else porn can deliver. This film seems to center around Serena, the story revolves around how her stepfather has sold her into prostitution. Well, the life of a prostitute is very strenuous, she has to do the normal house chores, like cleaning, cooking and to be ready sexually whenever they are, which is basically what you would expect from someone who is a prostitute, to make sure your house is cleaned, your belly is full and you are sexually satisfied. Nowadays prostitutes are so lazy and only want to have sex, and then not even cuddle. Someone needs to tell them we are in a recession, people expect more for their dollar. Supposedly this film takes place in the Hollywood hills, which for a prostitute to be sold around there may sound more reality than fiction.

We learn in this comedy with porn thrown in a lot, that there is this party coming for a prince of sorts, because this film is almost like an adult Cinderella, just with a lot of intercourse and sexual favors. See everyone like Cinderella is going to have fun but Cinderella, but China Leigh is out to try and help Serena out with this cockamamie premise that I would not want to spoil for any of you. Of course, you know the prince is her meal ticket out of this hard life she has of always serving others, this film is basically Serena trying to free herself of the chains of her oppressor. Compared to the porn of modern day, this is tame. Trust me you will get no Jim Powers or Extreme Associates in this. This is just standard sex, oral and swallow affair, nothing to out of the ordinary.

The plot to this film is basically empty air with a little humor thrown in here and there, but it is basically just a prop to go from sex scene to sexual act, to sex scene again. I will be honest; I am not an avid porn watcher. Maybe in my life I watched 10 tops, and I think I reviewed 8 on websites. The women in this film I guess were cute for the 70’s, I do not get into shaven women so I like my women to have some pubic action, I feel shaven they look like an atomically correct Barbie, and I am just not a fan of tattoos on women. So, the old school when women had an old school sex appeal and were classier about their bodies and not so fast to want to demean them to any sexual oddity act is always a hit with me.


Same Time Every Year is Fred J. Lincoln’s film. This alone made me want to watch this, the man with me is a legend. From his role in the Wes Craven 1972 classic Last House on the Left when he played Weasel to all the films of his career, when people talk about all these porn parodies these days, this man right here is the king and one of the forerunners into this with his porn parodies of Last House, Friday the 13th, Souperman, and he single handedly was responsible for Taboo becoming so un-taboo. So when I heard he was putting this rerelease out with Impulse, I was stoked. Though, I hate with a passion Ron Jeremy, which have more to deal with the person than the actor and what he brought to film, which I guess is good because this is my first Ron Jeremy porn, and I really do not watch these films to see what the guys are doing.

This film revolves around three happy husbands and clueless as all happy husbands are, they have this little routine they do where they go to that boys weekend together, where they lie to their wives about a business convention and they go to this sex resort, which all of us admit it men we do that lie a lot. I know at least once a week, I do. “James, you are unemployed”. “Well, dammit honey it is a job fair, I promise I just need the checkbook and an accurate amount of funds in our account, they require this for all job applicants”. Well, this film is the double standard of what is good for the cats is definitely good for the mice when the cats are away. The chauffeur who picks them up is a young 1981 Ron Jeremy around the time he was going to be a breakout star at the orgy scene in Taboo II.

I will admit in old school porn I have actresses that I am a huge fan of like Dorothy Lemay ( who is not in the film, but you can tell she inspired some of the actresses in this film) not so much for her work in porn but how beautiful she was and how intelligent she was when she was being interviewed she did not come across as a clueless woman. If you are going to see this because of the Ron Jeremy reference, he is not a major player in the film, this is in the old days before he became more prominent in films, and he was still paying his porn dues I guess. This film is just basically a lot of full on sexual scenes, and there is little to zero plot, or even character development unless you call getting off a character developing trait.

My issue with this film it is too safe and standard even for 80’s fare, this is around the time Deep Throat and Taboo were still all the rage with how they were pushing this genre into new directions, and a year before High School Memories came out that created a porn with actual plot and characters, in a Debbie Does Dallas sort of way. All in all, if you are a fan of Ron Jeremy and have to own everything he has out, this would be an ok blind buy I presume. But, if you are a porn fan this would more than likely bore you to sleep with a semi boner or if you are a female, you may get an urge here to there, but in the 70’s and even 80’s porn was more for male stimulation and urges then females, look at the guys and those cheesy moustaches in this film. They could not make a girl wet if they threw her in the middle of the ocean. That is coming from me, who could not make a girl excited and want me with the winning lottery ticket and a lifetime supply of bon bons.

Both films 5 out of 10