Movie Review-Detropia


From the directors who gave you Freakanomics and Jesus Camp give us yet another hard hit in the stomach with a documentary about the rise and economic destruction that is happening in Detroit. This is a hard subject for a lot of people right now in all areas of the world; the economy has affected almost all of us outside of the 2 percent. I mean, for people my age did you ever think you would see a day that record stores would be gone, video stores would be vanished? A time when once billion dollar companies are either shutting down or taking their acts overseas? I mean, this week word has broken out that both yet again, Wal Mart and McDonald’s are cutting back on their employees, along with hiring and taking away benefits, that they are capping salaries and hourly wages. These are the two biggest chains in the world, and overseas and they seem to be the only game in some small towns and they are hurting?

When I was a kid, Detroit was the rage; I mean this is the city of the future, the fastest growing city in the world. This is where the Motown Sound was created, this is where industry most importantly the auto industry was growing and growing and creating so much opportunity and jobs, that everyone was going to Detroit. That was then, this documentary focuses more on now and the downsizing of the once thriving city. If you see no other documentary, you have to see this one. This one is as real as human pain and suffering can get, with people not in a hospital or with any type of illness. This is basically the destroying and devaluing of human life for the sake of companies and a city that cares more about itself then it does for the people in it. I would love to take these people and drop them off on the front lawn of Obama, on the front lawn of Disney Pictures CEO, who has 5 billion dollars to spend on a franchise, but cannot help the people who made that company successful. It seems this is the plan of the Obama terms, to wipe out completely the middle class to make this country the have’s which are his protected friends and the 2 percent that make about 300k a year or more and the have not’s which is the 98 percent that make under 120k a year and have to work hard for a living that can be taken away any minute.

This documentary is told thru the eyes of those who are effected the most in Detroit by this, the faceless victims that these companies that take their business elsewhere that does not have the guts to at least take care of them while they were employed, and give them a decent living wage. Did you know in the city limits there are 100,000 abandoned houses being torn down, and the unemployment rate is over 50 percent. Thank god Michael Moore made his career and his bank account off their pain and blood, or he would be part of the ratio as well. There is a scene in this film when the company gives their employees demands thru a union if they still want jobs this is what they want from them, like a few retail companies did when I was employed with them, when they take their employees and give them an ultimatum basically, you made this much, well now we want you to make this much or you do not have a job. How this practice is legal is beyond me, but it happens more than you guys seem to think.

The Motor City which one stood proud in this documentary looks like an apocalypse happened, I was expecting to see Mad Max come out of the background. America has been downsizing for so long, and so many companies are taking cues from China, but while China may pay less for their labor, their cost of living is just as less. Whereas America, with our taxes being raised in a few hours or days, what can the average working family do anymore? People are in an economic state of fear and after seeing this documentary, trust me this is a horror film that will get to you, and hit you. To sit there and think about what is going on around you, and seeing how it happened in Detroit so quickly should put a fear in any person. You never hear of that many stars taking pay cuts. Listen Tom Cruise we have to lay you off, sorry and we need the check back as well. The All American Success Story is nothing more than someone who pandered to us to make them what they are, so they can ultimately sit there with more money than sense and watch us destroy each other for our little existence.

This is powerful, heartbreaking and very depressing. It is truly a must watch for anyone who thinks that this cannot happen to you.

8 out of 10