Movie Review-Dead Sushi


Coming to Home Video January 22nd 2012

Dead Sushi is the story of Keiko; she is the daughter of a sushi chef and is trying to live up to her father’s expectations in both sushi and martial arts. Well, one day after a talk with her dad that does not go well she runs away, and when she does re-surface again she works as a waitress in this remote inn that on this day caters to some big wigs and some of the people who work for a pharmaceutical company. Well what starts off as a normal day for all involved gets insane when an ex researcher at the pharmaceutical company who was screwed over and got arrested on bs charges is now a free man. Well, as you can guess he wants revenge on those who did him wrong, and we learn that his research for the company was reanimating dead things, so he creates killer sushi to help him get revenge. This is the latest from Noboru Iguchi, who was responsible for Robo-Geisha, Machine Girl, Mutant Girls Squad and many other films. If you are a fan of those films, you will know what you should expect from this film.


Let’s start off with what this film offers, besides the insane dialogue and blood spraying like a waterfall, you get sushi having sex, sushi flying, sushi turning people into zombies, a man being reborn as a tuna, and so much more insanity. This film has a kissing scene between two people that involves an egg that is so odd that you have to see it to believe it. There is even a sushi fight in the film, when the dead seafood sushis fight with the egg sushi, which the egg helps Keiko throughout the film. This film is a very wild ride, that in the last 30 minutes we get so much silly things thrown at us, like watching intercourse between two sushi that within seconds results in hundreds of babies being born, a battleship size sushi, and my favorite sushi that carry torches and can set people on fire. From the start to the final minutes of this film, it is non-stop action, blood spraying, and fun. You can tell with Noboru and his films that the people involved are having a blast with the material. This movie does not want to be taken serious, I mean come on you have monster sushi and an egg sushi that is a protector and can speak to Keiko. The scenarios are ridiculous and the special effects are super cheesy and obviously very low budget.

If you are a fan of the films of the past like Machine Girl, you will love this film a lot. If you did not like Machine Girl, or Robo-Geisha, maybe this is the film that can win you over. This film does offer a little education on sushi making and almost a look into the heart of Japan and its culture. I will say I really love this film, and if I got to see it two weeks earlier it would have made my top 25 for 2013, hell it would have made my top ten. In the past, I thought the tank was running low with these films and the concepts, where most started to feel like the same old same old ideas and blood spraying, I really thought this film was really on par with Machine Girl to be the best in this style of film in a long while. This film reminds me why I love to watch movies so much, this was just a nonstop fun ride into escapism and just absurdity, that made sure no matter how I felt going in it, I left with a smile on my face ready to praise it.

9 out of 10