Movie Review-Crimson


Coming to Home video March 2013

Crimson I am assuming is inspired by the films Super, the Michael Rappaport film where he thinks he is a superhero and maybe Kick Ass. The film centers on Walter who is a down on his luck comic book artist who has an accident one day and awakens in the hospital with nerve damage and memory loss. Well in the hospital his only memory is the comic book character, Crimson. As you can guess, because it happens all the time he now thinks he is Crimson and he bolts the hospital and goes on a crusade to rid his hometown of the bad people and the mafia. 2 years ago, I watched and reviewed a film called Somebody’s Hero, that film worked against its low budget and made a great story that people would love. This film has a low budget as well, and tries really hard but it is so slow moving that you would easily get bored with it before the half way point. This film tries to build characters and give us so many stories, that it never gives us as much crime fighting and superhero as it should have. The first twenty minutes of this film are really the testing point, if you can make it thru that, then the rest of the film will be cake. For me, I watch a film like this let’s be honest for the violence and brutality, or at least the comic book element. I do not watch a film like this for the overwritten script that wants people to think they have a shot at some kind of Oscar with this film.

I do not need long winded explanations of things going on or any kind of hardship they are going thru, just get to the action and let’s see what this film truly has. In a year that has had Avengers, Batman, Spiderman, All Superheroes Must Die, and etc. if you are saying vigilante anti super hero, you have to really deliver something, because if not the choices for a substitute are pretty clear and obvious. I loved Super, was a huge fan of that anti Superhero film. This film is not even remotely close to being anywhere near that ballpark. This felt like a stage rehearsal, more than a film. This film has 20 negatives for any one positive I can think of. I do not want to hate the film, I mean it tried and you can tell a lot of heart was put into it. But, this film is just bad, and when we get to Crimson talking, I know they were shooting for something unique but it was god awful and most of you if not all of you, will laugh and roll your eyes. This film should have been so much better than it was, and it just sucks that the only alternative it did prove to be was one for insomnia. This film is a 91 minute indie exercise to get experience behind a camera; I will chalk this one up to inexperience and lack of focus.

2 out of 10