Movie Review-Compliance


Compliance is that film that comes along once in a lifetime. That film that has that message that is based on reality and true life events that are going to make you feel uncomfortable, angry and yet sympathetic. This film is going to get to you, whether you let it or not. On a normal day, in a normal restaurant, a normal young cashier named Becky is about to have her life forever changed. As things at work are just business as usual, her manager Sandra gets a phone call from a person claiming to be a police officer. At first things seem normal, until the police officer claims he has a witness at the station who reported that an employee at Sandra’s restaurant stole some money from her. Normal again, the police officer says that Becky is the responsible party, so he tells Sandra to bring her in the office and ask her about it to let her admit to her guilt. Well, as you can guess Becky pleads her innocence. So, Sandra is told by the police officer on the phone to search her belongings and locker, so when those come up empty is when the situation gets weird, and the police officer asks Sandra to do a strip search on Becky with another manager present, and as you can guess the girl does not have the money and that is when it gets even more and more odd, because now the police officer has convinced the manager that the girl has the money stuck up inside her.

Now before I go any further with this review, see this film hit home with me because when I managed a theater before, I had an employee go thru a similar deal. Now in that case, we called the police and told them that we would hold the employee in our office till they got here to deal with this issue. So, I know incidents happen like this all the time, to watch how this film goes down is hard to watch and very sad to watch, but I feel everyone should watch it. This film tells us it was based on true events and that this happens a lot, really makes me question what kind of sick mind would think of this stuff. My problem with this film is that I feel they may have overdid it a little, I just cannot see how no one in their right mind would stop this, and tell the police to come down to the place and take care of this, they feel it is going too far. When Sandra has to watch her restaurant, she never questioned the logic of putting a naked female employee with a male coworker, and then two other guys at separate times, and one was her boyfriend?

Now that being said, it was still messed up to see it happening on screen and added to the tense feeling this film delivers. There is no one who watches this film, that is going to sit there after and not remember what you just witnessed; this film whether you love it or hate it will stick with you so much longer than you will think. I think Dreama Walkerq was screwed by the Academy at the Oscars, how can you overlook this actress? This is that star making role, and the woman nailed it, you cannot sit there and not feel for her and the humiliation she goes thru. This is not an entertainment film, you will not sit back and eat some corn and have a good time, this is a film with a very powerful message. This is quite possibly the most important film of the last year. This is so beyond a must watch, for any young kid or employer. Know your rights and question authority, god to think this went down is just so sad and I hope everyone gives this film a shot.

10 out of 10