Movie Review-Come and Get Me


Coming to home video 2-12-13

I read the box art from a respectable source like Fangoria and it tells me this film is like Once Were Warriors meets Last House on the Left, what a cool deal, I love both films a lot this film is going to be good if it is anything like them. So, I have to put this film in now, show me some Warriors in the Last House fun. So, we get to the plot which revolves around 4 women who go to the city for some fun and partying, and then the ride home gets ugly quickly when they are being stalked by three serial killers. I will say right now, this film is bad. The only thing it has in common with the two movies mentioned on its cover, is that they are all on home video and you can buy them, nothing else. The women in this film are irritating, and their dialogue is so badly written that you lose interest within seconds and pray for anything to happen to keep them from talking or trying to act. This film used profanity so much as a way to get across any kind of meaning or belief, that you just get sick of it after a while, and want to see the violence and brutality that you are expecting with the cover art and quote, and when you do get it, it was trashy and so non-believable that I felt as the true victim of a horrific act.

I guess to use the word cunt in an Australian film makes you cutting edge and controversial, they cross a line in this film that goes from film making to just trash. If you are going to have a film and bring in an element of rape and danger, why not make them matter and feel something to the viewer. These were so emotionless and passionless, that I felt sorry for the people involved. The film does give an ok amount of gore and lord knows it has to because that is the only thing that the film had going for it. The gore in the film was ok, but for this film to be good the gore had to be way better than it was. This film had zero to no likability, you do not sympathize with the girls in peril, and the bad guys are even more lame and unlikable. So, it was a point, that who do you cheer for, the people who irritate you more or the ones who irritate you less? I think this film is trying to be grindhouse or some reminder of yesterday, clearly I guess it sets its sites too high, and could not deliver, I just wish they would have set them lower like make a film that has an ok script, at least watchable characters, and maybe a dialogue that every word is not a cuss word. No offense, and people who had me on their podcasts know, I cuss like a sailor and I do not cuss half as much as these people did in this film. No one talks like that, ever. If you played a shot game, each time you want to shut this film off and not watch it anymore, you would be drunk within a minute and dead within 10 minutes of the intro.

3 out of 10-and this is all for the gore, nothing else at all.