Movie Review-Beauty is Embarrassing: The Wayne White Story


Bonus Features Include:

1) An unrestrained commentary by White and the film’s director Neil Berkeley
2) A Slide Show of his artwork
3) White on stage in a complete one man show
4) White performing “Blue Ridge Mountain Blues”
5) Mike Quinn performing “Country Boy in Paradise”
6) Deleted scenes

Wayne White is one of those people, when you hear his name most of us have no clue and draw a blank as to who the man is, but once we start watching this film we all realize within seconds we do know who he is. His career has spanned for 30 years and from what I watched in this documentary and know from remembering his work, he has made quite a creative mark on this world. This film is part biography and part live performance, and it tells this man’s inspiring story. The film tells us how he got his start as an underground cartoonist in NY’s East Village, from there we watch as he got his big break working as a designer, puppeteer and doing voices on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. We learn that he won three Emmys for his work and we watch him get another break with videos like Peter Gabriel’s Big Time that most of us will now know who he is, if unfamiliar with Pee Wee’s show. I also learned as I watched this he also is a sculptor, a painter, and a musician. The man clearly can do it all, and also he was a very fun vibe that translates into this documentary not only being intimate into his life, but also very laugh out loud hilarious. He is a person that seems to generate oddness, but also as we get to know the people in his life he seems to come across as a great man.

To be honest, the bonus features to me really are the winner in this deal. I loved the documentary a lot, but the bonus features like the one man show, have to be seen to be believed. If you did not know the man before the film, you will be glad you knew him after. It also talks about his work on the Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight video that has a story included in it about attending the awards at MTV for this that was funny to hear talked about. This is just a solid documentary that I think even non fans could really have fun with. All in all, this may be worth a buy.

8 out of 10