Movie Review-30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Coming out on Jan. 15th

Craig Moss seems to be making a resume in the last few years for these kinds of parody films. The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It and Breaking Wind were his other films and if you thought they were funny then this film may be your film as well. I know most fans have been knocking this guy for years about what his true talent could be, I will give him a little credit he was responsible for Bad Ass, and that was a decent enough film to keep my interest. Moss seems to have this rule in his films that the stars have to make total asses out of themselves, like it is a in joke that only he gets. His films take unfunny jokes and milk them and make them worst and worst to the point that you just hope the film ends faster. I do not mind dumb comedy when it has talent, delivery and some comic timing. Scary Movie, the original is a great example of a parody film that is both funny and creative, but the humor caters to the lowest common denominator who is me.

As you can guess with the title of this film it is supposedly a clever take on all these films and then some. I know found footage spoofs can be funny, I just have not seen one yet. I mean the paranormal movies are so awful they give you plenty of inspiration to work off of. Then, there has to be some jokes to Storage Wars and attacks on all other pop culture references like Adele, because I mean that is supposedly funny and hip to attack. Moss seems to be a one trick pony, when that one trick fails he reverts to awful sexual and fart jokes that maybe a teen would find funny if they have no other R rated movie experience. This film is such a disgrace to film and to comedy, that how his films get greenlit are shocking, and gives me hope that I can be CEO of Fox soon enough. How did they get French Stewart in this film? I bet if you ask him in any press junket about his role in this film he will not answer and probably avoid you and have you thrown out. I will not say this is the worst film by any means, because after tonight I will never admit to seeing this film again. This film embarrasses me for my passion of films like Naked Gun, Police Academy, Airplane, and etc. that proved you can do fun parodies of films, and people will laugh at the dumb humor, and that you do not have to have a billion dollar budget, just a lot of thought, heart and passion. This film has none of that, instead it is cheap, stupid and utterly unwatchable.

This film is built for an audience that it too young to see an R rated film that will laugh and point and say, that is Storage Wars, ha ha. Oh that is Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Lincoln, I get it. Ha ha. How these films get greenlit and sold to the public is beyond me? This film is the equivalent of taking a ball bat and hitting an unsuspecting person in the face stealing money and running, and waving the money in the wind as you run away like your proud.

1 out of 10