Movie Revie-Crowsnest


In the special features to this film director Brenton Spencer said a statement that a lot of directors these days seems to make, that this is a found footage film but it has a twist. I am not sure why found footage films are now yet again the new craze, but it seems like every studio and director seems to think this is the new wave of horror in Hollywood and film. Just keep the budget low, the horror to a psychological level and throw in an actor to hold the camera for you. I am starting to really think that horror films are no longer geared towards people my age or with my experience in watching these films, they are geared towards newbies and youth, someone who does not know true and real horror exists that will buy into anything because others are biting. I am starting to feel like I am the fan that horror no longer respects or shoots to entertain, that because I grew up with Jaws, The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby and etc. that they want me to think a camera shakey on a trip to an abandoned place with annoying people who have conversations none of us would ever have in this lifetime is real horror? Do any of these found footage films these days really have a twist to them? It really depends on how many of them you seen.

This film opens with Justin, and for his birthday his girlfriend got him a camera. And in the first ten minutes, he films her telling him not to film her, and then we learn he is going on a road trip with not only his girlfriend but another couple and their sister. So, as you can guess Justin feels he has to film this trip. Why is it in all these road trip films, and this is a question I been dying to ask for almost 30 years, this song will come on the radio that has never been on any radio station ever, and people will act like it is the greatest song of all time and claim it is their favorite song? So, they are on their road and it is abandoned, and they pass a destroyed carcass of blood and bones, and do not worry that does not stop them into not going, then they run into people who warn them if they keep going to Crowsnest, they will die. So that does not stop them either. Then, they run into a RV that has two people inside that is deadest on killing them all.
This is the funny thing about the film, the cell phones do not work but the camera battery never dies.

Then, they use the excuse I want to tape them trying to kill us so we can show the police. This film has shades of everything, like the director had a book and wanted to see how many films he could rip off. The characters were annoying, and they have the dumbest talks when they are in peril, like a fight about which one character is in love with really. Then, when one of the characters sister dies, the people throw a fit that she wants to stick around with her, like none of us losing a loved one would not want to stick around instead of running into the woods from a RV that if you had any common sense the first encounter when they hit you and you did not stop and get their info for insurance should have told you to get the hell out of there right then and there.
This film is a bad film that I just feel is not horror; it is not even suspense, it just felt like watching bits and pieces of so many other films I have seen done worst this time then the first time I originally saw them. So, you are going to rescue your girlfriend, but you leave her behind because you are scared she will slow you down for escaping, so you run to escape but then stop and chill out and wait for them to get you?

This film was made just to make a fast dollar and try to cash in on a craze, but it led to another trend that is more popular called making bad films based on bad trends. This film is not a total waste it has some gory sequences in it somewhat, and has a few blood scenes that fans who are not bored by this whole film may like somewhat. I guess I am just getting too old for this new wave of what people are calling horror, I guess holding a camera and having a conversation for 30 minutes standing still is scary.

3 out of 10