Metal Review – Yayla – Nihaihayat (2013)

Yayla - Nihaihayat (2013)Yayla is a Turkish black metal one-man band out of the mind of Emir Togrul. Nihaihayat, which is due out January 21, 2013, is a five-track, 51-minute journey that does not disappoint the listener. I will nitpick on one bit of the album though. The opening track, Integumental Grasp, is over five minutes of wasted space building up to the other four tracks which are the meat of the album.

The three middle tracks on the album all clock in at over 12 minutes long while the opening and closing tracks barely traverse 5 minutes. With having only 5 tracks, you would think that you are getting short-changed, but you are not. Tracks 2-5 more than make up for the lack of quantity with quality. I have never been a guy that avoided epic tracks. Some of my favorite songs are long songs. If a song is epic enough to hold you attention for over 10 minutes, that makes it even stronger.

While Togrul utilizes a more ambient black metal approach to the song writing process, there are other genres of metal hinted upon on Nihaihayat. My standout track is probably Disguises of Evil. It breaks 15 minutes and utilizes the same riff throughout most of it, but the continuing droning of the same riffs etches it into your mind as you begin to envision an arctic freeze in your mind.

Overall, Nihaihayat is a more than ample release that should be checked out and owned later this month.

Nihaihayat Track Listing:
1. Integumental Grasp
2. Through the Sigil of Hate
3. Immortalizing the Nine
4. Disguises of Evil
5. In Senility

Yayla Line-up:
Emir Togrul – All instruments, Vocals, Composing