Metal Review: Vex – Memorious (2013)

Vex - Memorious (2013)San Marcos/Austin, Texas progressive blackened death metal outfit Vex are back with their sophomore effort with Memorious and it is a very in-depth release bending various genres at their will. From track to track, Vex hits us with a wall of sound that is very distinct from the debut full-length release Thanatopsis back in 2010.

One of the first things that I took note of from Memorious is Bill Edgar’s terrific bass tone, especially in tracks like Carve My Eyes where the bass is at the perfect level – just a bit louder than it is for most bands. The bass is loud enough to hear it distinctly, but not too loud to be intrusive.

Songs like the brief instrumental Astride a Grave provide a nice melodic break between tracks and show a different side to the band as well. It is a change of pace song in between two of their heavier tracks, Carve My Eyes and No Such Thing. Another melodic instrumental is the clean Away From the Sun.

The album gets more and more melodic a little deeper into it with an almost gothic vocal style in parts. It also returns to the more familiar gutteral vocal stylings as well. The change of pace instrumental tracks are sandwiched perfectly on the album which break up what otherwise could be very monotonous tracks.

As far as the true standout of the album, I would go with the longest track on the album, Wasteland (How Long Ago…). It has an epic feel to it with some well-placed guitar lines throughout. The song goes from a clean opening to a heavy beast of a riff into faster, death metal style work.

I will mention that it took me a few listens to make up my mind on Vex’s Memorious. At first, I wrote it off as not being too interesting, but I wanted to keep going back to it because I thought something was there, and I was right. It is indeed a fine listen that you should check out.

Memorious Track Listing:
01. Terra Soar
02. Carve My Eyes
03. Astride a Grave
04. No Such Thing
05. Spectral Nation
06. Away From the Sun
07. Wasteland (How Long Ago…)
08. Solace in Sleep
09. Those Days are Gone
10. A Drinking Song

Vex Line-up:
Bill Edgar – Bass
Owen McCloskey – Drums
Mike Day – Guitars
Ciaran McCloskey – Guitars
Joe Jackson – Vocals