Metal Review: Skineater – Dermal Harvest (2013)

Skineater - Dermal Harvest (2013)Swedish death metal has needed a revival for a while now. The bands that put it on the map have not been as hungry as they once were. A few of them are no longer even around to carry the torch. It would be nice if someone stepped in and gave us a clean dose of freshness. I am glad you asked because I just might have the answer for you – Skineater. Consisting of members of several predominant groups in the area, including Dark Funeral, Carnal Forge, In Thy Dreams and Defleshed amongst others, Skineater seems to be out to prove a point, and after listening to Dermal Harvest a few times, the point has been taken with me.

Dermal Harvest starts off as your run of the mill melodic death metal album with the opening track, He Was Murdered. I was not really expecting much. It was a good song, but not anything that I had not expected. Where Dermal Harvest began to set itself apart was following the opening track. From that point forward, Skineater seems to have transformed.

Dismantling is one of the best tracks on the album with its immense riffing and groove-oriented structure. The next tracks, Your Life is Mine and Made of Godsick offer more grooves with the latter being a very heavy, slowed-down track. As the album goes on, the songs vary from intense to heavy, groove-oriented tracks, but the fact remains that the tracks are just damned good. You would be doing yourself an injustice to not add this one to your collection.

Dermal Harvest Track Listing:
1. He Was Murdered
2. Dismantling
3. Your Life is Mine
4. Made of Godsick
5. Through The Empire
6. Stab
7. Drifting
8. Thousand Dead Faces
9. Bring Them
10. Solitude Discord