Metal Review: Sannhet – Known Flood (2013)

Sannhet - Known Flood (2013)New York-based Sannhet is a post black metal act releasing their debut album, Known Flood, next month. Founded in late 2010, the instrumental trio known as Sannhet has amassed a diehard audience within Brooklyn’s broad underground music circuit through their abundant live performances. With the release of Known Flood, we get about a 45 minute dose of what this band is all about.

As far as sound goes, Sannhet is about as raw as they come, and being an instrumental group, there is not any vocals outside of some spoken word. At first listen, I was not into the album at all, but I went back for a few more rides with it and it is starting to grow on me. It lacks that classic black metal feel to it, so I shutter to even call it black metal, but the powers that be have deemed them black metal, so it sticks with them.

Overall, Known Flood becomes a nice listen with layered elements that show that Sannhet can write a decent song with some very nice melodic elements. For me to even accept an instrumental album these days, it has to do something to stick out a little and Sannhet has done that with Known Flood.

Known Flood Track Listing:
1. Absecon Isle
2. Safe Passage
3. Invisible Wounds
4. Endless Walls
5. Moral
6. Slow Ruin
7. Haunches
8. Still Breathing
9. Flatlands

Sannhet Line-up:
Christopher Todd – drums
John Refano – guitar
AJ Annunziata – bass