Metal Review: Primitive Man – Scorn (2013)

Primitive Man - Scorn (2013)Denver’s Primitive Man has released one of the most despair-filled pieces of work that I have heard in a long time. If you are looking for a sludgy doom metal release that challenges you mentally, then Primitive Man’s Scorn is just that release. I will warn you that there is a possibility of Scorn consuming you whole though.

Some doom metal bands say that they are doom and basically slow things down and call it a day. The tracks on Scorn are indeed slowed down in pace, but the content of each track brings you down to the depths of depression and insanity.

Scorn opens with the title track, which clocks in at nearly twelve minutes. It is a grueling journey to take with the band as they show you a lot of what they are all about in that one single track. To completely shake things up though, Scorn is the only track on the album that eclipses the ten minute mark. Only one other song, Antietam, even breaks five minutes.

With each track, be it epic or standard, the point is well made that it will be a strenous listen. The hopelessness included in each track is evident by the gritty down-tuned guitars and the even dirtier bass sound.

Take a glipse at the album’s artwork and the tone is already set for the album. The cover itself is a painful piece that fits perfectly with the doom-ridden tracks contained therein.

Primitive Man’s Scorn is not your run of the mill doom metal release and it takes a special mood to be able to handle this one. You have to really want to be brought down to the deepest caverns of hell to want to listen to this. If you are in mood, it is a great piece of work that you need to add to your collection.