Metal Review: Mortillery – Origin of Extinction (2013)

Mortillery - Origin of Extinction (2013)Female-fronted Canadian thrash metal band Mortillery is back with their follow-up to their debut “Murder Death Kill.” This year’s release is entitled “Origin of Extinction,” and is has a lot going for it. I have been in a classic thrash mood lately, so this one is working pretty well for me.

Origin of Extinction” opens with the instrumental track Battle March, which is scathing and brutal. There are some great riffs going on here. As we go on further into the album, we are treated with riffs a plenty pulling from various influences including classic speed metal bands and especially NWOBHM bands. It is like reliving the 80s all over again.

With all of that being said, I am not looking to relive the 80s again, so it is really not for me entirely, but it is good on so many fronts. I could probably be more forgiving of the album if I could tolerate the vocals, but they are not for me. Overall, the album is pretty good though with lots of inspiration pulled from bigger and better bands.

Origin of Extinction Track Listing:
1. Battle March
2. No Way Out
3. Cease to Exist
4. Creature Possessor
5. Seen in Death
6. Feed the Fire
7. The Hunter’s Lair
8. F.O.A.D.
9. Maniac
10. Sunday Morning Slasher