Metal Review: Hatriot – Heroes of Origin (2013)

Hatriot - Heroes of Origin (2013)I miss hearing the raspy vocals and attitude of Steve “Zetro” Souza even though we do get treated to hearing him on various projects. It is very nice to see Souza back with his own project entitled Hatriot and their debut release Heroes of Origin. With the release of the album, we are treated to some old school thrash metal of the likes that we do not get to hear too often. The new bands that pretend to play old school thrash are still missing that familiarity with thrash that Souza brings to the table and the guitar tones are just not the same.

If you want to hear old school thrash, check out the opening to “Globicidal.” The shredding guitar tones are spot on. It sounds like something that should have been on Exodus’ classic thrash masterpiece Fabulous Disaster.

With Heroes of Origin, Souza is out to prove a point and does it. From lick number one on “Suicide Run,” you see what Hatriot is all about. The opening is pure thrash and Souza’s has one of the most instantly recognizable voices in metal. The solo is another nice piece of work with its dips and harmonics that would make Slayer proud. Another really nice solo can be heard in “Murder American Style.”

The Violent Time of My Dark Passenger” is a song that most have already listened to and is a nice album-defining track. It shows a lot of what Hatriot is about in just over four minutes. It was the first digital single from the album.

Honestly, there is not a weak moment on the album. I keep saying “this song is the standout on the album,” but I quickly change my tune and pick another song as my standout. I have went back on forth on my standout track at least five or six times. At this moment in time, I will go with “Blood Stained Wings” being at the top for me.

Heroes of Origin was produced by Juan Urteaga at the Trident Studios, and Mark Devito is responsible for the cover artwork. Make sure that you check out the limited edition vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve, limited to 500 hand-numbered units. Heroes of Origin is set for a North American release of February 12, 2013, and preceded by the European release, on January 25, 2013.

Heroes of Origin Track Listing:
1. Suicide Run
2. Weapons of Class Destruction
3. Murder American Style
4. Blood Stained Wings
5. The Violent Time of My Dark Passenger
6. Globicidal
7. And Your Children to be Damned
8. The Mechanics of Annihilation
9. Shadows of the Buried
10. Heroes of Origin

Hatriot Lineup:
Steve “Zetro” Souza – vocals
Kosta “V” – guitars
Miguel Esparza – guitars
Cody Souza – bass
Nick Souza – drums