Metal Review: Hate – Solarflesh (2013)

Hate - Solarflesh (2013)Hailing from Poland, veteran death metal band Hate hits us with their eighth album, “Solarflesh,” which includes a lot more of what he have come to know Hate for. Napalm Records has been known for unleashing some devastating death metal releases, and “Solarflesh” is just one of the early 2013 death metal releases from them that tells us that we should expect a lot more from them. “Solarflesh” includes nine tracks on the album, but twelve on the limited edition version.

As with previous Hate releases, we cannot help but begin to draw up similarities between them and fellow countrymen Behemoth both musically and especially vocally. With that being said, “Solarflesh” is absolutely brutal and well worth your time, but they seem to tread the same ground that has been tread many times before. That should not take away from how good “Solarflesh” is though.

“Solarflesh” is the followup to 2010’s “Erebos,” which itself was a brutal release. “Solarflesh” is no different in intensity. Each track deserves to be there and the band ravages through its surroundings with absolute force and power. The album itself is mixed fantastically with none of the instruments overpower each other. The vocals are right where they need to be as is the amazing drumwork of Hexen.

If I have to nitpick about something on the album though, it would be the intro “Watchful Eye of Doom,” which lingers on for almost three and a half minutes. I like what they did with it, but they could have chopped it in half and still made the point. I have a pet peeve about extended intros which serve no purpose.

The opening vocal track, “Eternal Might,” shows us a nice mix of what Hate offers with its beefy, slow opening into its frenetic pace quickly into the song. From that point forward, the song lever lets you go. Another track that works really well is “Timeless Kingdom” with its unrelenting pace and very melodic outro. This is where the band starts to show us more than just breakneck speed in its approach to metal.

The standout tracks for me are easily “Festival of Slaves” and “Sadness Will Last Forever” though. “Festival of Slaves” introduces some amazing stops and hooks that make the song so heavy. This one has a very nice groove as well. “Sadness Will Last Forever” is just there to kick our asses. This one has such a great opening and leads into such a nice groove with some great rhythm guitar work.

With 2013 started to be a really nice year for death metal releases, I am happy to add Hate’s “Solarflesh” to this list.

Solarflesh Track Listing:
1. Watchful Eye of Doom (3:20)
2. Eternal Might (6:08)
3. Alchemy of Blood (4:58)
4. Timeless Kingdom (5:31)
5. Festival of Slaves (4:34)
6. Sadness Will Last Forever (7:05)
7. Solarflesh (5:35)
8. Endless Purity (5:43)
9. Mesmerized (4:56)

Hate Line-up:
Adam the First Sinner – Guitars, vocals
Hexen – Drums
Destroyer – Guitars
Mortifer – Bass