Metal Review: Corpus Mortale – FleshCraft (2013)

Corpus Mortale - FleshCraft (2013)Corpus Mortale is a Dutch death metal outfit who has been around for nearly 20 years and is releasing their fourth full-length release FleshCraft. Productionwise, FleshCraft is brilliant. Every instrument is leveled perfectly – even to the point of hearing each individual pick on the guitar strings. Musically, Corpus Mortale is about as brutal as they come while not being slouches to their instruments.

The highlight to the band itself on FleshCraft are the twin guitars of Carlos Garcia Robles and Brian Eriksen. This guitar tandem works perfectly with each other weaving in and out of riffs with no wasted motion. Of course, the backend of Martin Rosendahl on bass and Rasmus Schmidt on drums works just as well. Listen to something like the opening to A Murderous Creed to see what I am talking about.

If I had to nitpick about FleshCraft, I would say that the songs do begin to bleed into each other a little, but that is not that uncommon in death metal releases these days. The songs are more on the safe side with the riffs holding the tracks together nicely.

FleshCraft Track Listing:
1. Weakest of the Weak (5:22)
2. The Unwashed Horde (3:55)
3. A Murderous Creed (4:14)
4. Scorn of the Earth (4:25)
5. Love Lies Bleeding (4:16)
6. Enthralled (5:09)
7. Feasting Upon Souls (3:05)
8. Crafted In Flesh (2:00)
9. Tempt Not the Knife (4:02)
10. Seize the Moment of Murder (4:51)

Corpus Mortale Line-up:
Carlos Garcia Robles – Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Brian Eriksen – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Martin Rosendahl – Vocals, Bass
Rasmus Schmidt – Drums