Metal Review: Coldsteel – American Idle (2013)

Coldsteel - American Idle (2013)Most of the metal community never got to know New York old school thrash metal band Coldsteel, but on February 20, 2013, they will be back for the first time in 21 years with their latest EP “America Idle.” This will mark the bands third release and first since the 1992 EP “Breaking the Fall.” The band is still cherished by a small yet loyal circle of fans throughout the globe though. Look them up on eBay and metal forums and you will see people drop their name every once in a while.

The main reason behind their demise was the same as a lot of other old school thrash bands – Grunge. Once the grunge movement began, record labels wanted nothing to do with metal. A very select few still signed metal acts. A lot of labels shut their doors and bands like Coldsteel called it a day. The bigger bands were able to overcome the odds and some bands like Sanctuary resurrected themselves into something new. In Sanctuary’s case, some of the members went on to form Nevermore. Other bands like Coldsteel went as far as quitting the scene entirely. The early 1990s were tough on metal bands and we lost quite a few bands with a ton of potential.

With their latest effort, “American Idle,” it seems like Coldsteel never left us though. If anything, their music is even a little more technical than it previously was. Check out the guitar work on Blink of an Eye to see what I mean. The rhythm guitar work is solid and precise and the lead is pretty sweet. Another standout track is Blood Secrets with its nice groove and very catchy bridge and chorus.

Overall, the five songs on American Idle expressing what the band thinks of society today. This is the voice given to bands and Coldsteel is using their voice to write anthemic thrash tracks. Of course, American Idle is not perfect, but we all need a good dose of classic thrash metal every once in a while. You could do much worse than Coldsteel’s American Idle. This one rocks.