Metal Review: Centurian – Contra Rationem (2013)

Centurian - Contra Rationem (2013)Centurian is back with their third full-length release and first in twelve years, but that does not mean that the band has been out of the scene for all of that time. After the disbandment of the band, most members quickly resurfaced as Nox and continued to do more of the same thing. Now, Nox is on the shelf while Centurian resurfaces. All the while though, Centurian is still delivering the same ferocious old school Morbid Angel-style death metal that they have always delivered.

With the release of Contra Rationem on January 28, 2013, Netherlands-based Centurian is back at it once again. Time has not lessened their edge as evidenced by the entire album. Track after track comes at you with nothing but pure ferocity and anger. Based on the song titles alone, you can tell that Centurian has a message that they want to get across.

Highlights of the album include the opening track, Thou Shallt Bleed for the Lord Thy God and Antinomian, but there is not a weak moment on Contra Rationem. Seth Van de Loo’s drum tend to highlight much of the album, but we could never leave out Rob Oorthuis’s guitar work either.

2013 is already turning out to be a good year for death metal fans, and Centurian have made it better with Contra Rationem.

Contra Rationem Track Listing:
1. Thou Shallt Bleed for the Lord Thy God
2. Crown of Bones
3. Feast of the Cross
4. Judas Among Twelve
5. Antinomian
6. The Will of the Torch
7. Sin Upon Man
8. Damnatio Memoriae
9. Adversus

Centurian Line-up:
Rob Oorthuis – Guitars
Seth Van de Loo – Vocals, Drums
Patrick Boleij – Bass
Niels Adams – Vocals