Forbidden Issues Update Saying That They Will Probably Never Recording Again

ForbiddenKind of sad news here. I was a huge fan of Forbidden’s Twisted Into Form. I have actually been listening to it all week. It is an amazing album. Sad news came out of their camp today though. Forbidden have recently announced that there is little chance of the band recording again.

According to a statement released by their guitarist, Craig Locicero, the band has “likely seen [their] last days as a recording band. [Drummer] Sasha [Horn] and [guitarist] Steve [Smyth] came through like champs last year when we had every intention to write and record our next record. We started working on some INSANELY cool stuff! But alas, real life stepped in. Matt [Camacho, bass] has retired from music and Russ [Anderson, vocals] simply has no fire or desire to do the work it takes to get back to relevancy. It is a tough road; ask Death Angel. But they committed to it and I commend them. Russ just does not have the fire at his stage of life. I must respect that.”

Forbidden’s latest album was Omega Wave released in 2010.