DVD Review-Chiller: The Complete Television Series


Our friends at Synapse Films have heard your prayers and finally gave us some love and released a slice of television history with Chiller, and the whole complete series. While I will proudly say, I never heard of this before till it was offered to me, I am glad that I finally got to sit down and watch it. This is clearly a television show that is for fans who love horror, and gives you some fun stuff to really brace yourself, get a cold drink or hot one, and some corn and sit back and let it entertain you. That is one thing I can proudly say, this series while it has its peaks and valleys, overall is very entertaining. The complete series of this U.K. horror anthology series is only 5 episodes.

We start off with what I thought was one of the stronger entries, Prophecy. A young woman finds herself in the midst of horror as some disasters claim her best friends. This can all be traced back to a séance they had 5 years prior. This episode to me was a cross between Witchboard and Final Destination. I love the tense feel and the acting, I think that the film could have used blood and gore, but I mean what they can get away with on television in the 90’s. Could you think of what this would have been if they put it out today? With what Walking Dead and Dexter offers, this episode while very fun, would have been so much more fun if it was more intense and gave more R rated goodies. But, this episode compared to everything else on this disc is by far the stand out.

Next story is called Toby, which is about Louise who is pregnant and lose their first child who she would have named Toby in a car accident. In an odd scenario, when Louise finds herself carrying a child again, Toby is pissed off and will make his presence felt and known. I think if Grace did not exist, this story would have meant more to me. But, if you can forget about films like Grace, The Unborn and the 90 million others that clutter the movie house daily, this episode was ok. I loved that this had a feeling of uncomforting throughout, it made you sit there and guess and the ending as a great little payoff for your patience. This was fun enough, but if you are a non-horror fan, and have no experience with baby and unborn baby horror, you would love it more than someone who is experienced in it.

Next story is called Here Comes The Mirror Man. Now, before I break into this review, I “dare” someone to tell me this title is not inspired by The Human League. I really have no clue why I bring this up, but that is what I thought of. A man is driven by a mysterious friend to murder, as you can guess soon enough the mysterious friend is going to want the man to murder a woman he is attracted to. This was another fun story, as with the other two stories this also seemed to lend inspiration to many films. This film was a cross almost between Magic (minus Perkins and the puppet) and just pure insanity. This is a really fun time that gives the viewer many things to enjoy with the twists and turns this story takes, and it gives you an emotional roller coaster to invest in.

Before we go to the next disc, the negative is this collection is bare bones. I was really hoping for some director commentary, or any star to come on and talk. What I have seen so far may not be on par with Tales from the Darkside or Crypt, it was better than most of the Master of Horror episodes.

Fourth story is The Man Who Didn’t Believe In Ghosts which features the new residents of a Yorkshire mansion called the Windwhistle House. One of the residents is a female who is just certain that this house is haunted, and the other is a gentleman who has a career in exposing ridiculousness of falsehoods or as it called debunking the paranormal. This one moves as slow as possible, so if you are a fan of films like the Innkeepers, and Paranormal whatever, you may like this more than I did. As you can guess, the whole episode is about noises and things that the gentleman is going to try and explain. It was ok to a point, but it dragged so long that by the time we got to the fun stuff it seemed like the episode was ending.

The last episode was called Number Six. This to me is the worst of the whole dvd series. A Yorkshire detective is out to find a child murderer before he can get to his 6th victim. This one just had no depth to it, it just seemed to give you so much and try to throw so much at you in the time frame that it got to be too much and un-follow-able as the show went on. I do not mind a story trying to suck me in and injecting a lot to me, but there was really nothing here that I really wanted to follow and it just seemed to get more and more uninteresting as it went on. The ending was sort of a cop out, but I have to guess that they knew by the taping of this there was no more coming, so why care. And lord knows it shows.

All in all, I had a decent time with this and it was pretty cool because I am an anthology nut, and will always dive into any of them.

7 out of 10