Double Movie Review..Gris Grimly presents Cannibal Flesh Riot and Ghoultown:Mistress of the Dark

Cannibal Flesh Riot, what cool packaging. Gris Grimly who directed this, really put his heart into this. It looks awesome. You get a mini 4 page Grimville Times paper. Very creative and fun, you have obituaries and news articles. Then, we have a soundtrack of 19 songs, from artists like Stolen Babies who I am a huge fan of (So Close is their best song), to Hola Ghost and the rockabilly sound of Ghoultown and etc. The soundtrack was cool. It was dark and very rockabilly in spots, and also very rocking in others. The film is only 34 minutes long. Gris Grimly gives us the intro to this story, in almost a twilight zone meets night gallery tongue and cheek sort of way. This short tells the story of 2 ghouls. One is a hunchback named Hub and other one looks like the guy who fixed my jeep last week named Stash. They are in search of a body they want to eat who is dead named Clarence Heckles. This was shot in black and white. They talk the whole time while hunting this grave; the topics go from the weird condiments to commercials and knocking the fry guy and fruit of the loom characters. This film was fun. The payoff worked at the end. As a whole, I would really recommend this. It was funny and Grimly really used his imagination and got the most out of his location and actors. This is a character based story, and Gris knew this so he made the characters both likable in one scene and despised in another. Really clever camera work and script, I am impressed by the imagination he has.

Then next we have Ghoultown-Mistress of the Dark, which is obviously a take on Elvira. This package seemed more of a plug towards southern rockabilly band Ghoultown, which this is a 2 disc. Disc one is a 6 song sampler of this band. I thought they were like a harder version of the Stray Cats meets some Social Distortion guitar. They are the sort of horror rockabilly as in Dead and Breakfast, where the songs on this ep are either about the living dead or people who are representing the dead. It was fun and catchy good pop. Disc 2 is a dvd. You have the music video for Mistress of the Dark by Ghoultown. But, in the bonus features is when it shines, Gris and crew do their take on Hee Haw, with this Har Har 24 minute spoof. This was cheesy, and silly. But, you know what it worked for me. It was cute and had guts to just attempt it. You know the jokes all been heard before and some tank hard, but it’s the heart and soul of those involved, you really take a shine to, and kudos to a character named Stash, rocking the Free the Memphis Three t shirt. Thank god they were finally released after all that time. Eric, Liz, Grim, Gris, Jake, Carl, Olivia, Santi, gave their hearts and soul and had a blast. Why should I hate on them for that. And, of course the musical guest was guess…Ghoultown. They played some more songs. This was fun.

Both dvds 7.5 out of 10…they did not skimp on packing these dvds up with tons of stuff for you guys.