Day of the Mimesis event


Calling all zombies! We want you for National Day of the Mimesis!

MIMESIS: Night of the Living Dead is set for a mid-February release and its makers are looking to celebrate in style. In short: The zombie crawl to end all zombie crawls. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in your own Romero-esque Monroeville Mall experience, here’s your chance. Check out the details below and support a fantastic new zombie feature that has been getting rave reviews from festivals and critics all across the globe.

“Tuesday, February 12th marks the unveiling of Anchor Bay’s zombie-themed, MIMESIS: Night of the Living Dead and, to celebrate the nationwide release, we’re calling for a “National Day of the Mimesis.” We’re asking zombie fans to show their support by putting on their best zombie attire and shambling their way to a retail store to buy a copy of the DVD/Blu Ray release. Zombies are encouraged to have their visits and purchases recorded so they can be posted on our official Facebook page


for a chance to be cast in the upcoming sequel, MIMESIS 2, which is scheduled for production late in 2013. National Day of the Mimesis will be an event to behold. All are welcome to join in; just be creative and respectful and may the best zombie win!”

-Douglas Schulze

Director of MIMESIS: Night of the Living Dead

If you wish to organize an event, join an existing one or for more information on MIMESIS: Night of the Living Dead, please contact them on Facebook: