Carnal Demise Concert Photos by TJ Fowler of Fowler Photography

Carnal Demise Concert Photos by TJ Fowler of Fowler Photography

Carnal Demise is a five men metal band from Kuopio, Finland formed in 2007. Their self-titled debut album, released in May 2012 via Inverse Records, has draw attention in Finnish as well as in foreign medias and received a lot of reverence among the listeners. The songs of the album has got some radio play in radio stations like Radio Rock and Yle X. Also the music video from the debut’s opening track Flatline Fever has spread out through the internet and paid a lot of attention. The band’s music is in English performed metal with influences of rock and death in most parts, althought the catchy melodies are important part of Carnal Demise’s sound.

Before the debut Carnal Demise released four EPs, from which especially the latest, in 2011 released Manmade 666, got commended reviews in medias.

In 2011 Carnal Demise inked a booking deal with Backdoor Agency. The band has increased their experience by many gigs played over the finland as a headliner or supporting the Finnish top names. Carnal Demise’s liveshow has been described as wild and eventful. Carnal Demise played it’s first festival gig in july 2012 at main stage of Suonenjok’ Rok, Suonenjoki Ice Hall.

Citation from the proprietary blog Ghouls&Pearls, subject was Kuopio Rockcock 2012 festival club:
“The evening was all about Henry´s pub and club that featured Carnal Demise and Enthring. I have to say that Carnal Demise knocked my f*ucking socks off!! What a live performance! Sweat, naked butts, guitar riffs.. wow! This band should play in stadiums!”

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