Bates Motel A&E Premier Date Set

Bates MotelThe Psycho-inspired A&E TV series Bates Motel finally has an official premier date of Monday, March 18 at 10:00 PM ET/PT. Bates Motel will not stick too close to the original Psycho especially since it takes place in the present day. Executive producer Carlton Cuse recently reiterated that Psycho is just an inspiration for the series, which he would not even call an “homage” to the Alfred Hitchcock film. He added that it “will not be what you expect it to be,” which makes me a little anxious but still intrigued. At the very least, the show does still seem to be centered on the twisted mother-son relationship that ultimately ends in tragedy: “That tension of knowing what their fate is and how they get there, was something we thought was really telling,” Cuse explained.