VHS Thursday: Foursome With Satanic Giallo, Rape, Revenge, Boogeymen, and Cheating Death!


I don’t know what prolonged my commitment to finishing my review for The Boogeyman. It has been sitting on my desktop for a while. I guess over time it got stale and I lost interest. After suffering from complete lethargy, I decided to give the film another go around. I had forgotten how hilarious it was. If Halloween and The Amityville Horror had a baby, I guess The Boogeyman would be the result. That’s a bad egg. The film rips Halloween right away with the killer child POV shots and don’t even get me started with The Amityville Horror similarities. Sprinkle The Exorcist on top and you’ve got one fucked up horror recipe. That being said, The Boogeyman isn’t all bad. It’s genuinely creepy with a chilling score provided by Tim Krog.

There are a few death scenes that are enjoyable. For instance, the kissing couple. When this broad leaned in for a kiss and got knifed in return, I laughed a little because it’s so silly but still fun! Another funny death scene is where the little boy creeps through the Amityville-like window and says, “Boogeyman!” before getting his head crushed by the falling window. Don’t get offended by this. I assure you, it’s hilarious and it’s just a movie.

Plot wise, it’s an interesting tale although I was expecting something completely different with a title like “Boogeyman.” Two children are spying on their alcoholic mother while she is making sexy time with her boyfriend. This is an odd pair. They lock the children outside the house and the dude has a panty hose fetish as he wears a pair over his face, cause that’s sexy? Maybe they’re role playing. When the children are caught spying, the boyfriend is miffed and ties young Willy to the bed. Because that makes sense…. The mother approves. Little Lacey gets a knife and frees Willy. Little Willy isn’t a fan of being tied up and gagged. Mr. Pantyhose pays dearly for this.

Twenty years later, Willy and Lacey are all grown up and living on a farm with Lacey’s husband and son. The two are traumatized from this event so Lacey thinks it’s a good idea to visit their old home. Because that makes sense…. Turns out, Mr. Pantyhose has been hanging out in a mirror in the house this whole time just waiting for some sweet payback! Forcing a girl to scissor herself (LOL,) killing a child, and flying a pitch fork later…. The Boogeyman uses all of his energy to make those little stinkers pay. I have always found the old folklore tales of a soul being trapped in a mirror for eternity after being killed in front of it to be compelling. Even though, I do not believe in such a thing or ghosts for that matter. Doesn’t mean I don’t like to pretend.

The acting was actually passable. Suzanna Love (Lacey) is a beautiful heiress. I haven’t looked into what got her started into her short lived acting career. John Carradine and his massive claws make an appearance as Lacey’s doctor. For the man that plays Willy, all I have to say is that overalls are never okay. I don’t care what farm you live on. The rest of the cast was pretty forgettable.

Placed on the UK’s DPP list in 84 then later re-released in 92, heavily cut. Eventually, viewers were able to see the uncut version.I don’t understand why. I’ve even seen documentaries with clips from The Boogeyman when there were harsher films with harsher subject matters that could have been used instead.


Before Final Destination, there was this eerie and enigmatic supernatural gem that scared the Sheeny out of me. There are no similarities between the two. Only the subject matter. Final Destination’s primary focus is, “How to kill young hot actors in the most innovative ways.” While Sole Survivor has auspiciously become an atmospheric piece that leaves me feeling saturated with dread. Gore fans wont be entirely dissatisfied here. There is a gnarly scene with missing limbs after the plane crash. This scene is pretty effective. If only they had enough money to show the crash…..

Sole Survivor is about a woman named Denise. Denise cheats death by not boarding her plane and now death is like, “Bitch, I am not done with you yet!” She has a few near death experiences and zombies stare at her for long periods of time in the creepiest fashion. Call me crazy, if lurid and emotionless people were coming around just STARING at me for several minutes, I would either check to see if someone has been spiking my Jameson Irish Whiskey or see a doctor. Any who, as the death toll adds up, everyone still thinks Denise is crazy. Then her sweetheart of a boyfriend reckons that she may be alright after all. I wont give away the ending but it’s not your typical, “Everything is going to be okay” ending.

My Vestron copy is in immaculate condition. I have always adored the cover. I give the audio and picture a 10/10. However, it annoys me to no end that Vestron cannot keep their labels intact to save their lives.

Thom Eberhardt is a talented director that went on to direct Night of the Comet, Captain Ron, and he even worked on Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. The films star, Anita Skinner resembles a classier Chloe Sevingny. Chloe has a career. Skinner disappeared.


Poor, sweet Ruggero Deodato. The UK just had it out for him in the 80s, didn’t they? This misunderstood old soul happens to be one of the best directors of all time. His films are considered horror even though they’re not necessarily horror films. Ruggero has been falsely accused of “trying to shock viewers” for quite some time. In all actuality, his mission was to show us the REAL horrors of life. Instead of recycling the archetypical monsters in his films, he uses human beings that to me are far more terrifying than Freddy and Jason will ever be. David Hess for example, if I ever met him in person before he passed, I would be terrified that he was going to rape me. That’s how effective his performances in House on the Edge of the Park and Last House on the Left are.

House on the Edge of the Park was rejected by the BBFC and claimed a spot on the infamous Video Nasty list. In 2002, it was heavily cut by 11 min and 43 sec. The rape was removed entirely. Now, you can find the film completely uncut, running 91 minutes.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ruggero earlier this year. You can read the Q&A over here. The funny thing is that he doesn’t even like violence. When he was handed the script for House on the Edge of the Park, he thought it was too violent but took on the task no matter how disgusted he felt.

On with the disturbing plot; Two thugs are invited to an upscale shindig where they begin raping and abusing the guests. This mean spirited portion of the film is only the tip of the ice berg. When the twist was revealed, I was completely flabbergasted, “Wait, what? You mean those guests allowed themselves to be raped and tortured all because David Hess raped the dude’s little sister?” That’s some price to pay. It’s sleazy, disgusting, and degrading but I highly recommend it. The soundtrack fit perfectly and made me even more uncomfortable. You will not be disappointed in the acting as well. I found ALL of the actors, minus the two thugs, to be extremely good looking. There was too much sexy going on at once, especially with the showing garter belts. I will be giving this film a longer review in the near future after watching the uncut DVD.

Did you know that, if you sing Sweetly in front of the mirror, David Hess will come to get you?


Regurgitated cover from Tales From the Crypt, no? Either way, it is still one of my favorite covers and it was one of my most sought after VHS tapes. I thought it would be a surprising find. However, I was wrong and I hate it when that happens. This film is no good. The editing is very poor. The screams do not match up with the mouths and the death scenes seem to be cut by a schizophrenic. Now don’t get me wrong, I love an exploitative giallo fest as much as the next person but Girl in Room 2A fell short for me. Maybe it’s because Mario Bava, Lamerto Bava, Pupi Avati, Umberto Lenzi, Lucio Fulci, Michele Soavi, and Dario Argento have spoiled me to death. Or maybe it’s because the film wasn’t what I expected.

This sadistic giallo tale centers around Margaret who just got released from prison and is now living in a boarding house where random puddles of blood appear out of nowhere that no one else seems to notice but our heroine. Margaret soon discovers that not all is well in 2A and there have been female victims who mysteriously vanished before she arrived. This is giallo with a mixture of Satan worshipers. It sounds promising, doesn’t it? I really really hate being wrong!

I will say this about Girl in Room 2A – It does have a remarkable cast and beautiful cinematography with a chilling score provided by Berto Pisano.

Next Thursday, you can expect a batch of VHS films that I fancy questioning, “WHY THE FUCK WAS THIS BANNED???”