I was talking to Lisa and Stephen of Radiana, and they had so much fun on our site with their top ten influential cd lists, I asked them if they wanted to come back on again. Why not a top ten film list of films they would say influenced them. If you guys have not heard the debut record from Radiana, they made my top twenty of this year and they will win you over.

by Lisa Hammer (Radiana)

10. Aguirre the Wrath of God/Nosferatu (Werner Herzog) both gorgeous and dark films. In addition I will watch ANYTHING that is written and narrated by Herzog, with his German accent, reading histrionic and tortured narratives. Also, Klaus Kinski was a demon incarnate and wonderful to watch. The director and lead actor fought bitterly, which is always fun too.

9. Blue Velvet (and everything else by David Lynch)

8. Quadrophenia (See explanation by Steven Deal) Mod to the max.

7. Viridiana (Luis Bunuel) A very smart, dark film by this master of surrealist film. A blasphemic and cruel comedy that pokes fun at religious piety and pride.

6. German Expressionist films (Murnau, Lang, Wiene) These films directly influenced my own film making style and fashion for many years. I’m pretty sure Siouxsie Sioux and the rest of us goths got our makeup style from Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Sunrise is my favorite Murnau film (tied with Nosferatu), and of course we all love Lang’s Metropolis, M and his Die Nibelungen series.

5. The Shining/A Clockwork Orange/Dr. Strangelove (Stanley Kubrick) So dark, so funny. So over-the-top.

4. Beauty and the Beast (Jean Cocteau) I was enchanted from the very first time I saw this black and white surrealist fairy tale. Cocteau invented all the visuals that Disney now uses. Watch the original. It makes my brain glow. It’s magical.

3. The Holy Mountain (Alejandro Jodorowski) I think this film might be more Mod than A Clockwork Orange, and even more fucked up.

2. Repulsion/Fearless Vampire Killers/The Tenant/Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanksi)
Dear god I love Roman Polanski. His films are stunning and filled with the most dark and mischevious humor I have ever seen. Not to mention their cinematic beauty and perfect acting performances.

1. The Boyfriend (Ken Russell): An absurdist/psychedelic 1960’s mod twist on a 1920’s flapper musical? By director Ken Russell (Altered States/Tommy)? Starring TWIGGY and TOMMY TUNE???? Yes. Just, Yes.

***There are SO many more, but couldn’t all fit. Shout outs to: Billy Wilder, The Coen Brothers, Francois Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock, Milos Forman, Frank Capra, Mel Brooks, Wes Andersen, Woody Allen, Akira Kurosawa, Howard Hawks, Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, and so many more, not forgetting my bro James Merendino. Special thanks to Maya Deren for paving the way for female film makers. My head is spinning now.

by Steven Deal

1. THE EXORCIST: Anyone who knows me has seen that I quite Religiously wear a St. Joseph Silver Saints medal identical to the one worn by Father Damien Karras and cropping up several times in the movie. (The identical Modern French Fernand Py medal which took me forver to find/figure out) St. Joseph is the saint of a Good Death amongst other things, so you’ll have an idea how truly weak and condemned I often feel…plus Damien Karras is nearly as tortuted in matters of faith as me…

2. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE: fashion-wise, language-twisting ultra violence never looked or felt better. And as horrible as the violence is, the movie’s damn sympathetic and funny at times…what that says about me as a human isn’t too flattering…

3. QUADROPHENIA: Too obvious….the amount of Rickenbacker guitars, Levi’s 501 Jeans, Fred Perry Polos, Desert Boots and Vespas and Lambrettas that I’ve consumed along with the soundtrack and the album which inspired this film is the stuff of legend!

4. A HARD DAY’s NIGHT: Fab, Gear, and my entire teen psyche. How I figured out I was actually a “Mocker.”

5. HELP!: Same as above except in color!

6. SALON KITTY: OK the film sorta stinks, but damn it DID inspire the ’77 punk Fashion, at least visually….

7. CABARET: BRILLIANT! And a MUCH better film than “Salon Kitty”….it’s got gender-bending, amazing Subversive anti-Nazi Weimar-embracing music that still feels good to literally drown yourself in. and the fashion, from Sally Bowles (Liza at her most brilliant) to Michael York, the most Jaggerish blonde british man in film at the time…..and the evil menace of the “baddies” always lurking in the shadows and cracking Street Communists’ Skulls….and Joel Grey—-PERFECTION!

8. THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: Richard O’ Brien…Riff Raff, Columbia… blew my young mind, and for some reason made me listen to the Roxy’s……

9. EASY RIDER: a Roger McGuinn/David Crosby road movie, nothing more, nothing less…”I trust everything will turn out OK…”

10. ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST: my life, and the life of nearly everyone associated with Radiana at this point…..”One flew East, One Flew West….”