Top 15 albums of all time‏ by Adam Casto ( Nerd Table)

This seems to be getting more and more people sending in lists so why not keep it going. We asked everyone what were the most influential cds to you. Some people gave us a list, and some people changed the question more of what cds they really love, we are cool either way. From Ohio comes Adam Casto who fronts Nerd Table. Nerd Table as the world knows has a new cd called Chasing the Bronco that yours truly, Rodleen Getsic and many people have appearances on. Well, Adam wanted to drop by and give us a list, so enjoy and check out this very talented man and his amazing band.

1. Nirvana – In Utero

2. Nirvana – Nevermind

3. Nirvana – Unplugged

4. Nirvana – Bleach

5. Nirvana – Incesticide

6. Pearl Jam – Vs.

7. Weezer – Blue Album

8. Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine

9. Alice in Chains – S/T

10. Green Day – Dookie

11. Offspring – Smash

12. Butthole Surfers – Electric Larryland

13. Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

14. Melvins – A Senile Animal

15. Everclear – World of Noise

I had to keep this list to bands that were putting out new stuff when I first got into music.

This would be a pretty boring list if I put all my favorite Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Doors and CCR albums on there.

Trying to pick a favorite on those bands is like splitting hairs to me.

Nirvana is my all time favorite band so that is where I will start.


1.In Utero – The gritty recording style really made this album for me. Mr. Albini, I salute you.

The first time I ever heard Rape Me was outside our high school in the courtyard. Tony Osterloh let me

hear it on his walkman. It blew my fucking mind. Every song is so amazing. To go from the intense songs like Milk It and Very Ape

to the mellow ones like Dumb and All Apologies without feeling out of place — it influenced me greatly.

2. Nevermind – The first album I ever owned. I got it in a trade with my friend Bobby (he got some comic books for it).

I wore that tape out. I never really paid that much attention to music before this. I had liked stuff on the radio

such as Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer but never was into it enough to buy it or anything. I was not really at that age yet anyway.

Every song is a classic — no throw aways. My favorite is Drain You.

3. Unplugged – Epic. A master piece. MTV beat this thing into everyone’s head at a time when the sense of loss was over whelming.

So many covers..and all done perfectly. A truly beautiful moment in time. The 3 Meat Puppets songs are genius.

4. Bleach – Heavy album. There are a lot of my favorites on there; Floyd The Barber, Big Cheese and Love Buzz. Such a dirty

batch of music. It is abbrasive and in your face. As it should be! Great raw sound!

5. Incesticide – Compilation of weird stuff. Aero Zeppelin, Big Long Now, Hairspray Queen.. strange can kick ass!

Also has plenty of the type of songs Nirvana got famous from Dive, Sliver, Stain .. come on now.

Plus some great covers – everyone loves Devo covers! The album art is legendary. All hail Kurt!

6. Pearl Jam – VS.

Balls to the walls. My favorite Pearl Jam album! It was hard to choose because I think all of them are great – even No Code!

My favorites on here are Go, Animal, Rearviewmirror and Glorified G. Also really enjoyed Daughter.. Eddie’s lyrics are

awesome. Great singer with that passion and something intelligent to say. We could use a lot more of that!

7. Weezer – Blue Album

A lot of humor and unique subject matter add up to my #7 all time album. When I got the album I felt like it was authentic.

4 guys not trying to be anything other than what they were. Sounds familiar. Fresh out of batteries but they’re still makin’ noise!

8. Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine

Yes, I got caught up in the whole NIN craze. Trent Reznor is a great song writer. I think he deserved the hype (most of it).

Head like a hole.. I’d rather die than give you control!

I was really into the Downward Spiral before PHM but the songs on here seem to be more straight forward.

I can relate more to Down In It and Terrible Lie then I could to Closer and Hurt for some reason.

All of the NIN albums fucking rule though.

9. Alice in Chains – S/T

Jerry and Layne had such a powerful sound together. Again is my favorite Layne song (very close with I Stay Away).

It really sucks this was Layne’s last studio hurrah. Jerry was top notch on this as well. Grind and Heaven Beside You are classics.

10. Green Day – Dookie

A lot of Green Day haters out there. You know what — I don’t give a shit. I love this album. The vibe and song writing totally

fit how I felt at the time. Every song enjoyable. People may say that this is corporate or Billie Joe sucks..yeah whatever

Welcome to Paradise.. Longview .. Basket Case .. even When I Come Around.. that is the soundtrack to my youth!

Oh and Richie Bucher’s art on the the cover is one of the best album covers of all time.

11. Offspring – Smash

This is another one I might get guff for. I played the fuck out of this album. So many great songs.

I played this over and over and never got bored with it. I think Dexter Holland can write some good shit.

His later more hokey shit I am less of a fan of but what can I say. Smash did the trick for me.

12. Butthole Surfers – Electric Larryland

This is probably the weirdest album on my list. I know its not popular opinion but I prefer this album and Weird Revolution

to the older Butthole Surfers stuff. Gibby can write some catchy shit if he wants to. Cough Syrup, Jingle of a Dog’s Collar

and Pepper.. also you can’t go wrong with “I turn to the left and I see, my brothers wife’s breasts!” Paul Leary is the

guitar god for the sweaty underground!! I saw them when they toured for this album.. it changed my life!

13. Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Billy Corgan can write some awesome songs. There are too many on this album to deny. Now if he could stop telling everyone

how great he is we might be able to appreciate him more.

14. Melvins – A Senile Animal

This is the most recent album on the whole list. I know that Houdini would have been an obvious choice because I am such

a Cobain fan boy..I just could not do it though. This album kicks its ass. There is so much Melvins material out there

that its hard to choose favorites because they are all very good. Jared and Coady are a perfect fit! Hope they stick with them!

15. Everclear – World of Noise

A really dirty record from a band that would go on to make polished corporate anthems. I really had to debate if I liked

this album more than Sparkle and Fade… I think in the end I picked this one because it proves you can make an incredible

album for barely any money if you have great songs. Art Alexakis is a really talented mother fucker.

When I listen to this shit it effects me.. I hate waking up .. It means I have to die again tonight..