Top 10 Most Influential Cds-Kevin Kinney(Drivin N Cryin)

I had a list of people I would have loved to see on here, I wanted this woman, this guy but some of the people I got, I was shocked and am still shocked that people are sending in lists. Kevin from Drivin’ N’Cryin’ is always down to talk music and I am glad he dropped by and talked music. If you are not familiar with this band, they have new music but I will say for any southern rock band that has hit the scene in the last 15 years they hail Smoke and Fly Me Courageous by Drivin’ as a major influence to them. Which I will say right now, Smoke and Courageous are both very kick ass albums that any music fan would have fun with.

Kevn Kinney/Drivin N Cryin

top ten creatively influential records before 1985

patti smith horses
rolling stones get your ya yas out
ramones leave home
robin trower bridge of sighs
the dictators bloodbrothers
nuggets nuggets
the archies jingle jangle
bob dylan times are a changin
x los angelos
alice cooper billion dollar babies

top ten creatively influential records post 1985

rem reckoning
jack kerouac box set blues and haikus
manitobas wild kingdom …and you?
neil young ragged glory
die kruezen die kruezen
replacements tim
todd snider happy to be here
drive by truckers pizza deliverence
ryan adams heartbreaker
nirvana nevermind

Thanks for the list Kevin, now I have to make a mention of someone on his list. A lot of people may not know who the Drive By Truckers are. 18 months ago I reviewed their last studio cd, and they are also known as one of David Letterman’s favorite band. Drive by Truckers are the new saviors of southern rock, and to go to their shows is insane, you think death metal shows are insane, go to a show that you have a crowd of people who are basically worshipping a band each lyric and string. What is even more insane is Drivin’ live, I went to many shows and know that if you are in the south and do not know where the women will be, they will all be at this show. You do not go see Drivin’ and walk in single and walk out without getting either a new friend or some numbers. This is a southern love fest, soaked in beer and tight jeans. And Kevin is not only an amazing singer but the man tears that guitar a new one live. Awesome stuff, thanks…

  • JamesD

    1985 for REM was Fables of the Reconstruction. But, the topic is what albums influenced you, maybe he heard the cd in 85 and it influenced him then? For the record, it sucks that no southern rocker listed Life’s Rich Pageant by REM, to me that is the best cd they ever made.

  • john

    was reckoning not from 1984 ?