TNA Final Resolution 2012-Preview and Predictions

2012 is almost done, and TNA wrestling this Sunday night give you their last PPV offering of the year, Final Resolution. Before we start let’s talk about the big news going into this show. First and foremost, TNA has made an announcement that they are cutting back on PPV’s, which I will say is a very smart move for them because it may help them increase the viewers who watch the show more. They have a bombshell announcement coming in January that they are hyping, which feels sort of a waste. You are still doing the Aces & Eights storyline where we have no clue what wrestlers are in it and not in it, but now you want to throw more surprises on us? Add to all this, that they are resigning a few of their past talents to come back so much to digest, let’s get to this preview and predictions for this weekend enjoy.

Bobby Roode vs. “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy (c)

I will say right now, the main events for the last few of the TNA PPV’s have been very good and almost worth ordering the PPV for by themselves. That being said, the last time these two had a main event main on a PPV it was not the best, they really did not have much chemistry and the match suffered from it. I am hoping that these two can really go out there and give us a great match, but after the last two matches with Hardy and Aries, there is no way this match can even come close, but I am hoping it does deliver to at least match some of the undercard and what those matches will deliver. Hardy is leaving yadda yadda, we all know he is not resigning that contract when it expires; he has made that clear unless he is working the internet like his brother does. Are we ready for another Roode reign? I think you have to keep the belt on your golden boy and ride that pony till it cannot ride anymore. I just think Bully Ray is the next in line to be champion, and I see that being a major deal but I am really interested on how we get from here to there. We do it by Roode losing.

Winner and Still Champ-Jeff Hardy

Christopher Daniels vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

This is billed as the last match ever; I will call bullshit right now. Since AJ will not get a title opportunity for a year, you are telling me these two will not meet in a Bound for Glory points match? Do these two together ever give you less than a classic? This is going to be more of the same, and I do not see anyway any other match on this card could even come close to being as great as this match. This is another one of those where do we go from here scenarios, that I am not sure where they are heading. I know AJ is going to go heel, we know the signs that AJ always displays before that heel turn. I think Daniels is so overdue for some kind of major push in the title picture, he is in the same realm as a Bully Ray as a talent that right now should be higher on the card and given more to work with. Daniels is a good excuse for TNA to put the X title on him and give him a solid run where he is hinting week to week he is going to cash in on Destination X, and we get invested in wanting to see him lose. How many times can AJ win? He seems to have a 99 to 1 victory record against Daniels. What about letting Daniels win and see where this can go.

Your winner-Daniels


I like this match on paper; you have two of the hottest acts in TNA right now. Bully Ray in his current run since he broke away from Devon, has become a star that people seem to forget at one time he was a tag team wrestler and has everyone screaming at TNA management about pulling the trigger and going with, then you have Aries who in his current run in TNA has really came across as a star. I hate the Brooke Hogan story line but I am interested in where it is heading. This match is a hard one, who needs to go over more? Aries had a run with the belt, and while he was overshadowed by Aces & Eights, and Jeff Hardy’s rise from the ashes of addiction, I feel the company gave him the belt and lost faith almost immediately in Aries. Bully Ray is the story in this match, I feel TNA management do not have much faith in him either, or he would have already had matches for the belt. I just feel as bat crap insane as TNA is that Brooke will turn on Bully and side with Aries. Then, you get the father and daughter fight which then kills the storyline for Bully Ray being the true leader in Aces. I will toss a coin and just blind guess. (Daniels has better luck winning the world title then I will winning a blind pick)

Winner-Austin Aries


Samoa Joe and Angle teaming could be fun, Wes Brisco turning on them and joining Aces should be the predictability that TNA prides itself on. If Kurt Angle or Samoa Joe were in the WWE, trust me Vince would get more use out of this talent. I would rather see Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy for the title or Angle vs Aries, but this is what they give us.

Winners-Aces & Eights

Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c)

Joey Ryan paid so many dues for this shot, and he is making the most of it. Is there anyone else in wrestling history even close to being as sleazy as Joey is? Well maybe DX in their heyday, but Joey is truly a censor’s nightmare and would make a few parents not let their kids watch TNA. (Along with many other things) I think Joey needs a strap, and I know they are setting up the Morgan vs Hogan deal, what better way to capitalize on getting under Hulk’s skin but win a belt and then know he cannot fire you.

Winners and new champs-Morgan and Ryan.

Kenny King vs. Rob Van Dam (c)

This match is King’s big moment and I expect him to deliver like he never delivered before. King has been so wasted since his debut, and I feel that people who knew his work in ROH have been waiting for this match to really showcase what he can do against someone like a RVD. If this match has a decent amount of time, expect something very special. I think RVD right now is going to keep this run with the title going because somehow or another, I see him get a second life with this title run as he tries to hold it till Destination X and gets a world title shot. I think this is that ball that RVD is so good at running with, and that this match with King will be nothing short of fun.

Winner and still champ-RVD

Mickie James vs. Tara (c)

Did you watch Impact on Thursday night? Let me tell you a part of the show you missed. So you got former WWE star Mickie James who has been an absolute flop since her debut with the company after about what 4 to 5 months getting some television time, and when she is speaking, out comes the return of Velvet Sky to this huge pop. You should seek this out just to see Mickie’s face, she looks like she wants to cry and she regrets any ill she said about WWE. What better way to promote a title fight, and then give the fans the contender they want who will challenge the champ next? What a great build up, huh? I am a fan of Tara, and I think that Mickie was the last minute idea, trust me if Dixie knew in advance that Velvet was going to come back, Mickie would not be in this match.

Winner and Still champ-Tara

HAPPY 2012 TNA FANS…James DePaolo