The Top 10 Worst Cds of 2012-James Picks

There have been so many records this year that have really been amazing, and some not so much so. I know I may be forgetting one or two, but when I was thinking about this list, these cds just came to mind almost immediately as stuff that I either hated a lot or disappointed me. Enjoy.

10. Fear Factory- The Industrialist. One time I was a big FF fan, and thought when Obsolete came out that this band would be major and huge. Well, that did not happen instead we got a band that really lost their focus and passion, and just put out lackluster music now. I will not comment on this revolving band mate ordeal they go thru release to release, but I think that drama is really hurting the music. This cd has a few glimmers of hope, but god this cd is so redundant and sounds like every other FF record; I wish this band would get their passion and focus again.

9. Look Right Penny-Sugar Lane. A question I have asked many female musicians that refuse to respond to it is how much of the success or focus of your band do you think is primarily based on your looks? This is a band that has no place whatsoever making music, but will skate by on the sound that is familiar to anything you hear on modern rock radio and a lead singer that they will almost put on anything to get guys to buy into it. I know this band claims it paid it’s dues and have this kind of history, I promise you if they can get this band in any magazine, you will see their singer display an image that she wants you guys to forget her lack of talent and concentrate on her suggestive selling points to getting this cd which would be her words and her body. I do not hate on her, she is a very lovely young lady but I miss the days when people were blind to image and bought music more on talent.

8. Warrior Soul-Stiff Middle Finger. This is Warrior Soul 2012, you have a 60 year old man who surrounds himself with youth to make him look like he is relevant. The sad thing, to his core fan like me he was once relevant. When Geffen dropped Warrior Soul in 1994, I think the rest of Kory Clarke’s career has been living in the shadows of that moment. He has done so many musical projects and ran his mouth and caused drama wherever he could. He thinks he is going to be remembered by fans like Iggy, or Ian Curtis, or even Sid Vicious. This cd shows me Kory will go down as the man who meant as much to music as the 8 track cleaner. (If you are not sure what an 8 track cleaner is, do not worry just ask the one or two people who may have had one. Gee, just like Warrior Soul records.) If you want to see what kind of person Kory truly is, read the review for this cd and his rebuttal and mine back to him that I made sure he saw.

7. Brokaw-Interiors. The music comes across as simple; there is nothing really groundbreaking or screaming for you to play this cd for the second time. I am not saying it is a bad cd, it is just a cd that I found myself reminiscing more about who they sounded like and wanting to listen to them then actually getting into this.

6. Black Jesus-Black Jesus Saves Ep. I think Black Jesus Saves is a very mixed bag, and that the band really needs to work on their audio levels more, the production more and learn to write and construct better songs. This cd sounds like the blue print of what can be, or will be.

5. Slipknot-Antennas to Hell. This is pathetic, and that being said I am a huge Slipknot fan. I know music had to have taken notes from movie companies, on how to double and triple dip fans into buying the same stuff over and over. Slipknot are becoming the kings of the double and triple dip, each one of their cds seem to come out with deluxe versions when the sales start to dip, and then on top of that they decide to release a greatest hits cd? You guys were once fans right? Would you ever want to see bands you are a fan of, keep on raping their fans for cash? So, why are you doing it? I mean, half of the songs on this greatest hits package, are they truly “greatest hits” for them? Then, on top of that you got Clown shooting his mouth off and just winning over more and more fans with those insults he does about fans. This is a band that have lost all sense of decency and now just look at music as a way to just milk the fans, this is why downloading still exists, is because of greedy musicians that want to just keep going to that well over and over and wanting to take every penny they can off half assed shit ideas like this.

4. Dew Scented-Icarus. I just hope like many other countless bands these days that Dew Scented can get their act together and maybe re-think the direction of the band and what it is offering, and maybe try to give us fans the album we expect from them. What a huge letdown. I would rather be more open if they all cut their hair and put out Load, then this cd. Music is a career path that many wish they could have, and the lucky ones who get to do this for a living, fucking seem to act like it is some pain in the ass to just make passionate music and give the fans something to be behind. If this is the best Dew Scented can give us for 2012, then I think it is time to think of a different career path. This is not coming from just some nobody critic or blogger, this is coming from a fan.

3. Illdisposed-Sense The Darkness. There is nothing on this cd that really screams to me, to want to give it repeat listens. And I do not understand why this cd is so generic in terms of each song sounded like something I heard before and each style on this cd so predictable and uninspired. You would expect this from a debut album not a band so far into their career now. This cd as a whole, made me lose interest in each song

2. BLAQK AUDIO- Bright Black Heaven. From retro pop attempts that fail, to some kind of laughable Goth- like feels in the songs that lacks heart, soul and charisma, and just sound so phony and tired. All in all, here is hoping that maybe when AFI go back in the studio they got this out of their system and are motivated to make real music again.

1. Gamma Ray-Live: Skeletons & Majesties. I have been a music fan for a very long time, and I have heard probably over a million songs and just as many cds it seems like. This is by far the worst live record in the history of live recordings. This is the first live cd, I ever listened to that I was glad that I was not at the show. I could picture the show had the energy level as a room that has no oxygen and everyone is gasping for air and wanting to get out. Again, I am a fan of some Gamma Ray and have no reason to dislike their music, but once I put this cd on and got thru the first track, I was no longer in critic mode I was in survival mode because I had to fight to stay up and keep on listening. To hear them drop F bombs sounded like my grandfather dropping them, it was horrible. I hate when people think they need these tricks to feel like they are still relevant. The sad part is in my press release I got news that major things are happening for them in 2013, I am praying it is quitting the music scene and maybe telling us that this cd is a bad joke.