The Top 10 Cds of 2012 by Peter Aaron of The Chrome Cranks

We asked last month for bands/musicians/anyone to give us a influence list, but I had so much fun with that I thought let’s get some people to share what cds they listened to and loved in 2012. The Chrome Cranks have been going strong for well over 25 years now and I thought why not get someone like Peter Aaron who plays guitars and sings on here and see what cds he would tell us he loved this year.

1- VARIOUS ARTISTS Opeka Pende: Africa at 78rpm (Dust to Digital)
2- TROPHIES Become Objects of Daily Use. (Monotype)
3- SWANS The Seer (Young God)
4- CAN Lost Tapes (United Artists)
5- EILEN JEWELL Queen of the Minor Key (Singature Sounds)
6- ALEXANDER TURNQUIST Like Sunburned Snowflakes (VHF)
7- THE JAM MESSENGERS Kick-Out! (Thick Syrup)
8- MARCO BENEVENTO TigerFace (Royal Potato Family)
9- JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Meat and Bone (Mom+Pop/Boombox)
10- VARIOUS ARTISTS Oxford American Southern Music Issue 14: The Music of Louisiana (giveaway with Oxford American magazine)

The Oxford cd, I have and it is pretty amazing. Oxford Magazine comes out once in a blue moon now; you should seek it out if you never experienced the magazine or the free music they give you. The Swans-The Seer, what else can be said, if you are a fan of The Swans you own it, if not you are truly missing out on one of the best cds of their career.