The Soska Sisters’ American Mary Trailer

The Soska Sisters' American Mary TrailerEmpire Online premiered the trailer for The Soska Sisters’ American Mary, which you can see below.

The movie stars Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps series) in the title role as a medical school student who is led by unpleasant circumstances to enter a scary world of underground surgery and body modification. Antonio Cupo, Tristan Risk, David Lovgren and Paula Lindberg co-star. The filmmakers, identical twins, have always been serious horror fans, Jen Soska notes. “People ask us when we got into horror, but I’ve never not been into horror,” she tells Fango. “I didn’t realize it was strange until I got older and they were like, ‘Why do you like horror?’ ‘I don’t like Christmas.’ ”

Sylvia Soska adds, “I think we’re really f**ked up, though, because we never thought we were making horror movies; we just made disgusting, horrible things happen. People were like, ‘Oh, it’s a horror movie.’ ‘Oh, I guess if you eviscerate someone, that’s horror.’ ”

When it comes to their collaborative approach, Jen explains, “We dabble in everything, but we absolutely divide and conquer. With AMERICAN MARY, Syl focused more on our primary cast and our cinematography, and I did a lot of the effects and the prosthetic work as well.”

Sylvia adds, “Jen’s a real nerd and a stickler for detail, and I just go insane into the look and things like that. I honest to God don’t know how people do it when there’s only one director, because we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off half the time.”

The so-called “Twisted Twins” are a unique force in the horror genre, and Jen believes that carries over into AMERICAN MARY as well. “It’s unlike anything being made right now. Our goal was to create something very, very different. As long as there’s a reaction; indifference is the worst thing. Either love it or hate it, and I’ll be f**king thrilled.” “Ditto—she stole my answer!” Sylvia deadpans.