The Reaping


“People need to believe in miracles”

I’ve heard the story a million times. I still hear it every Passover. Not to mention, religious folk around the world are all obsessed with the biblical plagues and screaming about how the ‘end is near.’ I did enjoy how The Reaping used the ten plagues for modern day story telling. Set in Louisiana, Katherine Winter (Hillary Swank) is a former Christian missionary called to a small town where the river runs with human blood, it’s raining frogs, the livestock is dying, there are swarms of flies, maggots, and locusts. It’s up to her to stop the madness before anymore lives are claimed. Can you imagine getting hit by a falling frog? I wonder what that would be like. The plot is pretty far from uninteresting. However, the twist and final act was a bore and made me like the film a little less. Then there’s the randomness of Stephen Rea as a priest in a completely ridiculous scene where he pieces together what’s happening and it’s all miraculously set on fire. You may remember Rea as the man who fell in love with SURPRISE PENIS in The Crying Game. He’s a very talented actor and I even enjoyed his talent in Interview With a Vampire. But when it comes to The Reaping, I found his role to be completely unnecessary. Even after all those disappointing factors, I’d have to say it’s still a decent horror flick.

I love the location. There’s something so haunting about Louisiana, the dreary scenery, the swamps, the old homes, and that odd Cajun music. I feel it definitely helped to set the tone for the film and it was a wise choice compared to other locations.



The effects were pretty spectacular. That being said, the finale felt like a shitty Michael Bay movie. EXPLOSIONS! It might have been just a little over the top.

What’s interesting is that all ten plagues have reasonable, scientific explanations behind them. Swank even goes on a rant and the DVD is complete with fun special features, one with scientists explaining what might have actually happened to the Egyptians. So lets go over these scientific explanations! 10 plagues, 10 scientific explanations.

1. The bloody Nile: After a volcano erupted, it could have polluted the water. A toxic and red algai is likely what killed all the fish. There’s also the theory that the heat from the volcanic eruption killed all the fish and their blood turned the water red but I do not believe this to be true. I think the first explanation makes more sense.

2. Frogs: Due to the condition of the nile, the frogs had to repopulate. Female frogs can lay an insane amount of eggs at a time. This would explain why so many took over Egypt.

3. Flies: Plagues 3 and 4 are actually related. Because of all of the frogs dying on land, the flies are attracted to their dead bodies. Even the rotting fish attracts flies.

4. Lice: See number 3.

5. Livestock disease: With all the insects now infected by the toxins in the Nile, they in return infect all the cattle.

6. Boils: Seeing how the cattle is now infected, the flies and insects more than likely carried the disease to humans as well and contaminating their food.

7. Hail: Hail storms happen all the time. This is a natural occurrence.

8. Locusts: It’s not uncommon for swarms of locusts to appear. Plus, the hail storm left the ground soaked which is where they breed.

9. Darkness: It’s possible that this could have been a solar eclipse or it could have been caused by all of the sandstorms occurring in that area.

10. Death of the first born: The insects contaminated the grain that was stored into the Egyptians cellars. The oldest sons are held higher than the rest of the children in the family. Therefor, they are the ones that get to eat when the food supply is running low. All the Mycotoxins more than likely contributed to their deaths.

Final thoughts – The DVD cover art is really cool and even in this project, David Morrissey is a dick.