The 10 Worst Films of 2012-James Picks

Top 10 Worst Films of 2012

10.Hypothermia-This film felt like a train wreck, a fucking big mess. Explain the big fight scene to me, it lasted a few seconds? Then, the ending which made no sense whatsoever, did they even film an ending or were they yelling cut and knew then they ran out of budget and just said ok that is a wrap? This film is an embarrassment and should never be seen.

9. Zombiefied-I bet on paper this idea sounded like it cannot miss. Sadly it can miss and it can miss very badly.

8. Mr. Bricks-This film is billed as some heavy metal musical. This film lacked personality, fun and talent. This felt like a long boring music video with a bunch of singers trying to act and not be able to tell a story.

7. Mr. Hush-This film is horrible, unwatchable and a fucking pathetic sad joke. This film is an insult to the horror community and the people behind this film should be ashamed they even released it to the public.

6. 6 Degrees of Hell-When Corey Feldman is not the worst thing about your film that says a lot. God is this film just horrible, even for an indie label to release. And to market it with Corey and he is in what 10 to 15 minutes of it in small bits. And this was Jill Whelan’s big comeback? Her agent needs to be fired on the spot.

5. Operation:Nazi Zombie-This film is over 10 years old and went thru a few name changes, and then got a new concept cover to the dvd and marketing plan. So there was a market for this film to get another release but Mandy Lane, Ken Park and Poughkeepsie Tapes are still on the shelf? This film is sad and pathetic.

4. Hell’s Labyrinth-The film to my memory is only 90 something minutes long, it took me over 9 hours to finish it. I kept falling asleep out of pure boredom.

3. Resurrection County-This film is an insult to the horror community. It is a pathetic sad joke.

2. The Dead Want Women-Full Moon has a history of putting out films like this, god how does this company make a profit? Oh yeah, they keep selling their library in every format trying to drain the fans some more while they pummel us with bullshit films like this.

1. Bunnyman-The worst mistake of my life is when I realized I never got to see this film and felt I had to see it. When 99 percent of the horror community tells you something is horrible, you should listen to them. And to think there will be a sequel coming soon, god I cannot wait.