Short Film Review-Roaddog

With short films I always feel that we get a glimpse into the future of the genre that we get a taste well a sample of things to come. I know a lot of people may not be a fan of shorts, because you are basically plunged head first into a story that you know will only last less than 10 minutes, and it really is not enough time to get an emotional bond or a background into characters or situations. All those things considered, Roaddog for its 7 minutes gives you a hell of a story, and really makes you wish that it would have been longer. We open this short up with Rolly, who seems to think people are after him, he hears noises in his head that he assumes he is wired or being tracked by demonic creatures that are dressed up in almost government suits. He runs out of a bathroom stall into a yogurt shop and begs the young lady behind the counter for help, he needs a phone someone is trying to kill him. As most civil people know, that there is only one to handle that kind of situation, threaten him with calling the police. Well, Rolly takes off to an abandoned car that inside is a lady we assume is a hooker named Gemma, who tries to talk sense into Rolly but he goes into the deep end with threatening her with a gun and demanding she call him Roaddog.

I hope that this film is the cliff notes to something bigger. This year, I have seen so many short films but Rotting Hill, Velvet Road and now Roaddog I will say right now, I would love to see a feature film on. The character of Rolly was amazingly odd that you had to see how this film would turn out, and you pretty much know how his fate will be handled, but I would have loved to see this story stretched out and maybe go for about a half hour and build on the relationship more with Gemma the prostitute and her number one client Rolly. Gemma who is played by director Racheal Cain Stephens really tries to introduce the audience to this relationship, but I felt this film needed to longer to fully help us understand the relationship more. But, the woman has skills and her directing style felt like Dark City meets Franklyn, which she knows how to create a tension and make people forget the storytelling aspect in more of a wait and see what happens feel instead.

For what this 7 minutes offer, you would have fun with it. But, I am dying to see more and I would have loved to seen this story told in a full length film. Though, those gripes aside the story was fast and to the point, and would make a fan out of anyone who watches it. Plus, you can find it on youtube for free. Here is hoping to see more from the lovely and talented Racheal Cain Stephens.

8.5 out of 10